Top 4 Best Small Survival Kits for 2023 – Reviews & Tips

Whether you are a stay-at-home person or love spending as much as possible time outdoors, knowing you are safe and prepared for any emergency is important. Being able to protect yourself in a critical situation will make you feel much more comfortable and calm. Therefore, having survival gear that you can depend on is essential. … Read more

3 of The Best Get home Bags: How to Organize and Build a Get Home Bag

A get-home bag is like a smaller version of a bug-out bag. It is a bag with contents that will help you survive for 24 hours in cases of emergencies when you are away from home, such as a vehicle break-down, power outages, tornadoes, storms, fires, floods, terrorist attacks, or other emergencies and disasters. [amazon … Read more

9 Best Combat Boots & Military Footwear in 2023

Combat boots, as their name suggests, are boots designed for use during combat or for all types of military, police, or other actions and services requiring quick and safe movement, comfort, and stability. [amazon box=”B07BR1PM4C,B008X5G42M,B00IQ3JOKU” grid=”3″] Best Combat Boots Buying a pair of reliable combat boots can be life-saving for certain professionals, so finding the … Read more

The 7 Best Tactical Tomahawks of 2023

Tactical tomahawks are designed and made for combat situations and self-defense, but most people use them as useful camping, hiking, hunting, and survival tools, or for work, food prep, and home and garden maintenance jobs instead. [amazon box=”B00I04Q7LO,B00438RI7S,B0061G5BRY” grid=”3″] We have picked the greatest tactical tomahawks you can buy in 2023, as well as some … Read more

Top 5 Best Survival Gadgets in 2023

It doesn’t matter what kind of life you have. If you just like long walks in the mountains, weekly camping, and hiking trips, or you like adventures and want to challenge yourself in an extreme environment, it is vital to be prepared for any emergency. Survival Gadgets Thousands of people get lost or injure themselves … Read more

Best Nuclear Gas Masks: Top 10 Radiation Masks for Nuclear Fallout

There is one item we always associate with terror and chaos. A unit whose purpose is to keep us safe and is an essential part of every survival kit, yet somehow its image conjures up thoughts of mass destruction and spine-chilling feelings – the good old gas mask. [amazon box=”B07HNWRGLG,B0BHSMTH86,B088JZTTD4″ grid=”3″] Nuclear Gas Mask All … Read more

7 Best Credit Card Knives For Survival – Are They Legal?

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Best EDC Knife in 2023 – 11 of The Best Pocket Knives for Everyday Carry

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