Top 8 Best Pepper Sprays for Self Defense in 2023

Pepper spray is a highly efficient, non-lethal self-defense weapon that is legal in all 50 states in one form and type or another. [amazon box=”B01LXALP7F,B0006I0EE8,B003L75SSI” grid=”3″] The basic component of pepper spray, as the name suggests, is oleoresin capsicum (OC), which is the Latin name for several species of hot chili red pepper. Once blasted … Read more

6 Best Tactical Pants Reviewed in 2023

Whether you work in the police force, or military or have a first response job, or you are looking for comfortable and convenient pants to wear when your going hiking, fishing, camping, or use as everyday wear, a good pair of tactical pants can be an indispensable piece of clothing for you. [amazon box=”B00BTGJXOI,B006KJ2XRI,B078YFBPP6″ grid=”3″] … Read more

Top 6 Best Survival Multi-Tools in 2023

When it comes to prepping, it is good to have a tool that fits high functionality into a small package. This is what the best multi-tool does. [amazon box=”B079MJ6MLV,B0014YK236,B0043NYPA6″ grid=”3″] In this article, we will list your reviews of the leading multi-tools on the market. Each item holds anywhere between 10 and 18 standard tools. … Read more

7 Best Winter Survival Kits for Car

Winter can be the most beautiful season. But this beauty can hide some dangers. If the road is snow-covered and slippery, driving can become a challenge. Being on the road might be much more risky due to the cold and decreased visibility. The likelihood of getting stranded in your car while awaiting roadside help increases … Read more