Best AR Scope Under $200: Top 10 Options for 2023

Hunting was the ultimate source of food for the first humans on earth. With no telescopes existing then, it became tough to aim at the right object and shoot.

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This guesswork made them starve for days because no prey could be caught. Like humans have evolved, so has the scope.

Nowadays, rifles are equipped with scopes that enable you to aim at any object irrespective of the distance between you two. By using these, you can shoot at the exact point without any miss.

Top 10 Best AR Scopes Under $200

To help you with your shooting training, we have listed the top 10 scopes for AR. The list consists of the most recent and advanced scopes. Scan the list carefully and opt for the perfect match.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane

This Crossfire II riflescope is amongst the many products available in the crossfire domain. This product is the finest AR optic under 200 that forms an ideal choice for shooting, hunting, etc. It is the fourth excellent product in the rifle scope criteria. Moreover, it comes with durable lens covers that keep the lenses safe. This highly efficient scope will never disappoint you and will give you the desired results.


  • It is equipped with a Dead hold BDC reticle. It enables you to have a wide viewing range and aim accurately.
  • You will get access to a long eye relief, which will help you find your target easily.
  • The reset turrets are capped and can be adjusted using your fingertips.
  • The body is made of aluminum used in the aircraft. It is lightweight and easy to use. It offers a shockproof shooting performance. Besides, it is waterproof and can be used under the open sky.
  • The lenses do not reflect the light falling on them and provide you with a clear view.

Simmons 8-Point AR Rifle Scope

It is continuously fed into your mind that aiming at a distant object and shooting it is not easy. This saying has come to an end, and all the credit goes to Simmons’s ar 15 scope. With its truplex reticle, targeting has become much more comfortable. Its high-quality features and dynamic, user-friendly design has left every other scope manufacturer spellbound. Simmons offers perfect scopes under 200.


  • These 15 scopes for ar have coated optics that provide a brighter view and high contrast target images.
  • You can adjust the elevation according to your convenience.
  • This budget ar optic offers excellent precision in locating the target by including a QTA eyepiece.
  • It provides a viewing range of 100 yards at 3x magnification and a 10.5-foot field view at 9x magnification.
  • With a 3.5 inch eye-relief

Aim Sports Best Scope Under 200 

Aim Sport’s rangefinder scope features ring mounts and forms the greatest optics for ar. With its matte black color, it becomes the center of attraction and is preferred by many shooters. It has an objective lens diameter of 32 millimeters, which is quite good. It offers 4-inch eye relief, which gives you a crystal clear view. You can easily find your target and aim at it.


  • This product is a great scope for under 200 and comes with a 4x ar scope.
  • It comes in a size of 4×32, which is relatively compact and easy to use.
  • The diameter of its tube is only 1 inch.
  • With a small length of only 7.75 inches, this forms the best budget ar scope.

TRUGLO TRU-Brite RifleScope

This matte black rifle with a mountable scope is another investment-worthy product. Its high-quality features an aluminum body makes it an excellent rifle for hunting. The wide-view range and crystal clear images provided by it make it worth using. Truglo aims at customer satisfaction and has been ruling the market for many years. With this cheap AR scope under 200 in hand, you don’t stand a chance of missing your awaited target.


  • This scope has an illuminated reticle and weighs 1 kilogram.
  • It offers excellent precision and speed that is not found in other air rifles.
  • It provides a magnification range of 1-6x.
  • This scope features a tube of diameter 30 millimeters.
  • You can use this scope to shoot your target with both eyes open.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 

Another incredible product by Vortex Optics is an excellent choice for those who opt for hunting. You can use this 1.35 pounds black shooting weapon with your scout rifle as it is very compatible with that. The adjustable magnification range of 2-7x makes it different from others. The objective lens diameter is 30 millimeters, which is excellent for target acquisition.


  • It has a V-plex reticle, which makes hunting much more comfortable as this is a multi-purpose reticle used for various applications.
  •  The eye relief offered is 9.45″ and also has an ultra-forgiving eye box in it.
  • The eyepiece has fast focus abilities that give you a clear view in no time not to miss the target.
  • Its multi-coated lens offers bright and clear images that are significant while hunting.
  • It is made from lightweight aluminum that provides strength and helps absorb shock.

Nikon P-tactical .223 Matte Rifle 15 Scope

This product is one of the best AR scopes, with all the essential features. If you need to make your hunting experience more memorable, you should go for the Nikon P scope. The efficiency that these AR 15 Rifle scopes have is unbeatable. These have multi-coated optics that are fitted inside an aluminum body. These are lightweight and meet all your shooting needs. Even if you experience the worst weather, you need not worry if you have these scopes. With a wide viewing range, this AR rifle scope rocks everywhere.


  • It has a sleek body that is made of lightweight aluminum, similar to those used in aircraft construction.
  • It weighs only 1 ounce and features a stunning black shade. This shade helps camouflage while hunting in the dark.
  • Its BDC 600 reticle enables the shooter to aim easily at targets that are far away.
  • The view range is 100 to 600 yards.
  • It has reset turrets that are spring-loaded and helps return to zero instantly.
  • This scope has elevated windage and generous eye relief.

UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope

UTG is a famous brand known for manufacturing ar 15 scopes. This 0.87 pounds black colored ar 15 scope for hunting is one of UTG’s most opted products. It is a sunshade scope that is sealed with nitrogen completely. It can be mounted on your airgun or firearm with ease. This has QD or Quickly Detachable rings and flip-open caps for the lenses. It is highly scrutinized by the certification agencies and is rated the best scope so far.


  • This has a mil-dot reticle that helps in estimating the viewing range. It enhances your shooting skills and performance.
  • It has an adjustable objective lens diameter that can be set at a minimum of 3 yards to a maximum of infinity.
  • It has excellent accommodative eye relief and red/green illumination. This illumination helps in applying the correct hunting technique.
  • The light transmission in its one-inch tube is maximum.

Vortex Optics StrikeFire II RifleScopes

These StrikeFire II riflescopes are highly reliable and versatile. With this in your hand, there is no chance of your target fleeing away. Its speed and precision are incredible and enable you to have an outstanding shooting experience. This remarkable scope by Vortex Optics is essential if you have a passion for shooting and hunting. Be it the tiger hunt or the shooting competition in the Olympics. These scopes will lead you to success wherever you use them.


  • This product offers you two dot colors and 10 different brightness settings, which is an excellent feature in an ar rifle.
  • The multi-coated lenses offer clear vision, which is neither blurred nor obscured.
  • The eye relief is unlimited and helps in precise targeting.
  • It offers both elevation and windage adjustments so that you can use it conveniently.
  • It comes with an offset cantilever mount that aids in the shooting.
  • For your comfort of usage, the power controllers are positioned at the rear side.

UTG 3-9X40 1″ Hunter Scope

Another terrific product by UTG is this hunter scope. It features a shiny black color and adjustable magnification. With a lightweight design of only 1.32 pounds, this scope offers an adjustment range from 5 yards to infinity. Its main tube is completely sealed and filled with 100% nitrogen. The design includes a multi-coated lens with an eyepiece diopter.


  • This ar hunter scope has an objective lens of a diameter of 40 millimeters.
  • You can have a maximum magnification of 9X and a minimum magnification of 3X.
  • You can adjust the windage level and the elevation as per convenience.
  • The reticle helps estimate the viewing field to enhance your performance.
  • It has weaver rings and top-quality lens covers.
  • It is entirely shock and waterproof. Waterproofing makes it a perfect choice for hunting in wet areas.

Pinty RifleScope 3-9×32 RangeFinder

With a black-colored body made using aluminum alloy, it features a Picatinny mount for the scopes. This three-in-one scope offers maximum light transmission and performance with top-quality optics. The green laser light that comes out of it helps you aim precisely before you hit the trigger. The red dot, however, helps you in the dark. The reticle gets closed as soon as you press the red or green button. This is a perfect choice of the rifle if you are a night rider and enjoy hunting in the dark.


  • It contains all three shooting essentials, which are the two laser lights and the rangefinder.
  • There are 5 brightness adjustment settings to help you shoot conveniently.
  • It offers a magnification of 3x to 9x and high definition images that are very clear.
  • This scope offers a broad view range, making it a good ar scope.

Buying Guide To AR optics Under $200

Purchasing the perfect ar rifle is a challenging task, especially when you are new to the world of shooting. To help you understand better and find the right pick, some crucial aspects are listed below. Go through each one of them and grab a suitable scope under 200 for your rifle.

Scope’s Optical Quality

The most vital part of any scope is its lens. If the lens isn’t clear, you can see nothing. With a clouded lens, you will miss your target and put other’s life at risk. Hence, before opting for these, examine the optical quality first. This includes resolution, vision clarity, etc.

Size of the Lens

To find the best scope for ar, check the lens. It is the objective lens of your scope responsible for providing you with the view of your target. The right diameter is between 30 millimeters to 40 millimeters. You should also note that if you intend to use your rifle during the day hours, opting for a small diameter is recommended, but you should always look for an objective lens with large diameters for night usage.


Another critical aspect to look for is the scope’s focal plane. It depends entirely on your usage and convenience.

A modified reticle is the key differentiator. The FPP scope is the best option for long-range shooting with a rifle. The reticle’s size is dynamically adjusted in this model to account for the user’s distance from the target. When you switch your focus to a faraway object, the reticle enlarges to provide a more holistic view of the target area.

SFP’s reach is much wider than that. Here, the reticle size is fixed, so it won’t change even if you move the camera around. The reticle remains the same size and the resulting image of the target remains the same size regardless of the distance.

Final Words

An AR scope is used to enhance your shooting skills and performance. It is primarily because of the scope that your aiming becomes more comfortable and effortless. Besides, it also improves your precision in shooting and helps in easy target acquisition. Thanks to the invention of scope, shooting has become a breeze.

So, to get budget ar scopes for your rifle and brush up your hunting and shooting skills, do not waste further time. Find the apt scope from the ones listed above and make an eligible purchase.

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