Best Compass for Survival in 2023 – Tips and Reviews

It is a well-known fact that a compass is an essential part of any survival kit. This tool can easily guide your way home if you get lost. Nothing can ruin your adventurous trip like if you get lost.

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Yes, you can undoubtedly rely on your mobile device, but the battery life is not eternal, so you never know in what situation you may end up.

Best Compass

You need a device that will take you home without needing to rely on batteries or a wireless network. To ensure your adventure will have a happy ending, we made sure to compare dozens of compasses based on many different characteristics.

We found the top 7 compasses available on the market today. Keep scrolling down to find yours!

AOFAR AF-4090 Multifunctional Military Compass

This portable and compact military-grade product can be an ideal option if you are looking for a reliable orientation compass.

The Aofar AF-4090 features a signal mirror, whistle, fishing line, and hook. These are some of the most important parts of any survival kit and can do a lot if you get lost. The whistle is 12 dB, and the signal mirror is 1.4 inches in diameter.

The compass for orienteering is reliable because it is lightweight, waterproof, and shockproof. You can rely on it under any circumstances. The compass is made from metal, and it can withstand temperatures of up to 50 degrees below zero. Needing a compass that will handle any difficulties is very important when you have an intense road ahead.

  • Compact size: 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches, 5.2oz – a perfect fit for your pocket
  • Multifunctional – comes with a few more essential tools.
  • Shockproof and waterproof

Suunto MC-2G In Global Compass

This navigation device will help you get through any kind of challenges you face in front of you. It is one of the most reliable orienteering, hiking, hunting, and camping compasses. The most significant feature is the global needle, which ensures this model will work well in both the northern and southern hemispheres. It can be a reliable choice for anyone who is preparing for more severe adventures or trips.

This Suunto MC 2G model comes with a 20-degree tilt merge that will make map readings effortless.

The liquid-filled capsule guarantees a stable operation. Plus, the declination adjustment is easy and straightforward. You will simply need to take the unit attached to the lanyard and adjust the screw to the relevant setting. And this is not all – this navigational compass has a sighting mirror for signaling and sighting bearings.

  • Compass measurements: 2.56 x 4 x 0.71 inches Weight: 2.65 oz
  • Globally balanced needle
  • Additional features included

Eyeskey Multifunctional Military Compass

You can use this heavy-duty compass in almost any situation. The product is made of heavy-duty metal, which ensures it will work equally well in any weather conditions. Plus, this model is suitable for use in extreme temperatures – from -20 to -50 degrees. At the same time, it is easy and straightforward to use.

You will never be in the dark when it comes to navigation with this compass, thanks to its light absorption capabilities that allow it to glow in the darkness. It also features additional tools like a clinometer, vertical lubber line, adjustable diopter lens, and a measurement conversion chart.

Another essential thing to say about this orienteering compass for navigation is that it does not have any electronics or anything that can lose power and signal. All of these highlights allow this item to be considered as the greatest compass for hiking, camping, backpacking, hunting, and many more.

  • Made of heavy-duty metal that can withstand the test of time
  • Additional features included
  • Easy and straightforward to use

TruArc 3 Base Plate Compass

The TruArc3 Base plate can be the best navigation compass if you are a beginner in orienteering and mapping.

It is compact and durable, and you can take it literally anywhere. With the tool-free declination scale, there aren’t any tiny screws or special tools, so you can easily adjust the difference between the true north and magnetic north. Just a simple twist and you are on point.

This model also features the TruArc global needle so that it can perform equally well in the northern hemisphere as well as in the southern one. It is liquid-free to avoid freezing.

It can be an excellent pick-anywhere compass for travelers who want a packable, reliable way to explore the world.

  • Global compass needle
  • Liquid-free
  • Small, compact, and straightforward to use

SE Military Compass

With this item, you will be able to navigate the surroundings with ease. This is a quality compass that has a lot of different components included. One of the most significant of them is the thermo-elastic capsule, which is also liquid-filled.

It has a damping effect on the magnetic needle of the compass, and it can withstand extreme changes of temperature, giving you n accurate readings, no matter what. Furthermore, the floating dial will allow you to see your way at night.

The SE Military unit is an excellent solution for camping, hiking trips, hunting, or any other outdoor activity. The screw hole, adjustable sighting lens, and paracord loop make this compass a functional and reliable addition to your survival pack.

Besides, the manufacturer included a water-resistant nylon pouch that will make sure the compass will serve you as long as possible.

  • Product Dimensions : 3 x 2 x 5 inches
  • Different features included
  • Water-resistant nylon pouch

SUUNTO A-10 Compass

This is another excellent suggestion if you are looking for a basic navigation device that will not let you down. Fast, simple, and robust, this baseplate hiking compass is easy to use and learn and also provides a reliable orientation in ordinary conditions.

The model is made from durable, scratch-resistant acrylic, and it is ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of your hand. This ensures the optimum ease and efficiency of use.

The Suunto A-10 features a fixed declination correction scale as well as a patent-pending lanyard snap-lock enabling easy compass detaching.

Its small size makes it ideal for your adventure kit or backpack. It can even become your favorite pocket compass. Plus, it can be an excellent gift for your kids so that they can begin their journey.

  • Compass measurements: 2.24 x 3.54 inches
  • Ergonomically designed to fit in your palm
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Cammenga 27CS Compass

If you are looking for a compass that has withstood the test of time – consider checking this one. It was military tested, and it is shockproof, sand proof, and waterproof. It performs excellently in extreme weather conditions, thanks to the no-liquid-filled needle chamber.

It is also equipped with a magnifying lens, a sight wire, and dial graduations in both F (Fahrenheit)and C (Celsius). The product also features MILS that will ensure accurate readings.

Its front is phosphorescent, so it will also glow in the dark, to ensure, you will find the right way even at night. The compass is made of aluminum, and it is built to last. All the components make the Cammenga 27CS the leading compass for backpacking, hiking, and even extreme trips.

  • Military tested
  • Shockproof / Waterproof / Sandproof
  • Damping process: induction

Tips on Finding the Best Compass

If you are an adventurous person, you will need to have a plan B for every event. Using your GPS devices to guide your way home and point in the right direction is good, but it relies on the power of the device and the network available.

In such cases, the best thing that you can have is a reliable compass that does not depend on electricity or power. There are many things that you should look for before choosing the perfect compass that will fit your needs the most.

1. Declination adjustment: This feature will allow accurate bearings, by adjusting for the offset of true north from magnetic north.

2. Glowing in the dark: if you want a compass that will be able to guide you through the night as well, look for ones that have luminescent and phosphorescent properties.

3. Waterproofness / shock-resistance: It is crucial to invest in a compass that is water-resistant, and will not break if you drop it or if it gets wet.

4. Weight and Size: For backpackers and hikers, every ounce counts. So it is better to choose a compass that will weightless. Also, the dimensions are important to think about – the smaller-sized ones are carried easily in our rucksack, on your wrist, or in your pocket.

5. Global Needle: The global needle can compensate for the magnetic-field differences and will allow for the compass to work efficiently in the northern as well as in the southern hemisphere. Such models are a MUST if you are traveling worldwide.

6. Additional Features: If you want more precise navigation, look for the extra characteristics that the top compasses can have.

The sighting mirror is used to both sight a direction or an object and view the compass capsule at the same time. It may also serve as an added layer of defense.

To determine the height above ground level, a clinometer is employed. Most typically, it is employed in order to gauge the heights of significant targets.

The magnifying glass is helpful for inspecting minute features on maps. The compass capsule has markings from 0 to 360 degrees, and the bezel is free to spin around it. The spinning bezel makes it simple to study the map and determine the distance traveled in less than an hour.

Wrap Up

If you are into adventures like hiking, camping backpacking, or any other, you should know that a compass is a tool that you must have in your backpack and adventure pack. It might appear as a simple instrument, but if you get lost, this can be the only thing to guide your way home.

The compasses might be small, but they can make a massive difference in your comfort and outdoor experience.

No matter if you are a skilled survivalist or a beginner, the top 7 navigational compasses reviewed here are the perfect choice for any of your future trips. And you will find out that in time, your navigation skills will be improved.

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