8 Best Emergency Radios in 2023 – Reviews Buying Guide

If you happen to be very lucky, there will never come a time when you need to use an emergency radio. Still, there is no harm in being prepared well enough for disasters. If you live in an area that is more likely to experience extreme weather events, you know that you can never be too prepared to deal with any disasters.

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While we do not think much of them, emergency radios can be a critical part of our disaster kits. With the advancements in technology, our smartphones can play a wide array of roles for us – including a radio. However, there is no telling what the wrath of Mother Nature can bring down upon us. If the area you live in is struck by a horrible disaster and there is an extended power outage, your smartphone’s not going to last long.

To stay alive in a dangerous circumstance, the emergency radio can connect you with vital information and useful resources. In the aftermath of a disaster, having access to up-to-date weather reports and emergency services information is crucial. You need a dependable way to get the bulletins whether you need to hunker down and stay put or make prompt evacuation plans with your family.

Finding a reliable emergency radio can be difficult if you lack prior knowledge with such matters. Not to worry, though; everything will be OK. We scoured the web and consulted experts to bring you this story.

We have reviews of our top picks for the leading emergency radios you can get in this year. Additionally, we have included information that can help you understand the role an emergency radio plays so you can narrow down your options to make a better purchase decision.

The Best Emergency Radios in 2023

Now that you have the list of our top picks for the greatest emergency radio for this year, we will take a closer look at each product. In the reviews below, we will discuss the qualities that these emergency radios feature so you can understand their unique differences. While all of these products are high quality, understanding their differences might help you make an ideal purchase decision when picking out the product you want to buy.

KA500 Wind Up Emergency Radio by Kaito

The KA500 Wind Up Emergency Radio by Kaito is the ideal product to begin the list of the greatest emergency radios. This product is among the leading in our top picks for emergency radios due to its reputation for being a multipurpose tool that is reliable. A popular product by Kaito, the KA500, has helped many people over the years in their efforts to make it through challenging situations caused by natural disasters of every kind.

It features most of the ideal qualities you can require in an emergency radio. When it comes to power capabilities, you can charge its lithium-ion battery using solar panels, USB input, wall charging, batteries, and a hand crank. No matter what kind of situation you are in, you can keep the device charged and keep yourself up to date with the latest information through the radio. The real advantage is that you can use this device to charge your smartphones and other similar devices.

The KA500 is a versatile device that gives you a variety of functions necessary for unpredictable situations. There are six different methods to charge the device and seven different NOAA channels. It means you will never run out of power for your radio and have constant access to information. The emergency radio also has AM, FM, and 2-band shortwave radio capabilities. It can also access the Public Emergency Alert System for real-time weather forecasts.

Tuning the device is convenient and simple. The radio looks for signals with determination, and it presents them to you in crisp quality, so you do not struggle to decipher what you are listening to through all the static. The device is light and durable, and it does exactly what you would expect this survival gear to do for you.


  • It is a compact and lightweight device
  • The emergency radio is highly durable
  • It has built-in NiMH batteries with high capacity
  • The product boasts multiple power source capacity
  • It has a powerful LED flashlight


  • The user manual is not very comprehensive
  • The solar panel is not as efficient as you would expect

Emergency Solar Power Hand Crank Radio by FosPower

If you require help during an emergency, the Emergency Solar Power Hand Crank Radio by FosPower is a reliable device you can use. It is an exceptional product that we came across while reviewing products for this guide. It is a suitable entry on the list of the greatest emergency radios you can use due to several factors.

The FosPower device comes from a reputable brand in the business. It is a product you can rely on for use within your household or if you are outdoors. The device has access to the NOAA emergency weather broadcast network. You can count on it to help you stay completely updated on everything that is happening in terms of weather conditions. It also has both FM and AM radio frequency compatibility that makes sure you can get access to any information regarding the emergency at all times.

The radio gives you three power sources that you can use. It can charge using a regular USB connection, through its solar panels, and through the hand crank lever that you can turn to charge its battery.

The ability to use alternative power sources makes it an excellent tool for emergency situations. During an emergency, if you need to power a device that you can use to call for help, the device has a charging port you can use. It can function as a radio and as a power bank for your phone and other devices. Its 2000mAh battery capacity gives it a longer run time, and you can rest assured that you have plenty of energy until you can find safety.

It is a device that is light, durable, and compact. Its features make it ideal for outdoor adventures and emergencies caused due to natural disasters. It even boasts an LED flashlight that you can use to see in the dark or signal for help.


  • It boasts a powerful LED light
  • It can also function as a 2000mAh power bank
  • The emergency radio has an SOS alarm
  • It is a light, durable, and compact device


  • The solar panel is not very efficient at charging the device

MD-090 Solar Hand Crank Emergency Radio by RunningSnail

We have featured two products from RunningSnail in our list of top picks for emergency radios you can buy in 2023. The MD-090 Solar Crank Emergency Radio by RunningSnail is one of the most fantastic survival tools you can invest in as a companion for challenging situations. The MD-090 is a tough product that is known to put up with rough conditions but retain its functionality without fail.

You never know how bad the situation can get when you are caught off guard by a natural disaster. Having a device like the MD-090 will make sure that you are never unprepared. It has a lithium-ion battery that you can charge using three power sources. You can use a standard USB cable to charge it, rely on its solar panels, and even use a hand crank system. If you have AAA batteries on hand, you can insert them into the device and rely on them to power your emergency radio.

You will not need to worry about running out of power with this device. In terms of its looks, the emergency radio resembles an old-fashioned transistor radio you dug up from the attic. In terms of its performance, however, it works like a hi-tech 21st-century device that is incredibly tough and reliable. The lithium-ion battery powers this durable device. It is a weatherproof device you can take with you as you weather the storm.

The powerful LED flashlight can give you more brightness than most traditional flashlights. The hand crank system is robust, and it does not feel like it will come off after a few rotations. The radio’s transmitters are powerful and can receive signals even in the toughest weather conditions.


  • It boasts exceptional radio capability to access seven NOAA weather channels
  • It has a zoomable LED flashlight that is bright
  • You can charge other devices by using the emergency radio as a power bank
  • It is an IPX3 rating waterproof device that can withstand tough weather conditions


  • The device appears as though it is cheap
  • Solar panels require direct sunlight for proper functionality

American Red Cross Emergency Radio by Eton

If you see anything with the name American Red Cross on it, you are going to have lofty expectations from it. After all, the name demands integrity, quality, and utmost reliability. Eton and the FRX3 Weather Alert Radio made by Eton live up to the reputation. It is an incredible device that you can use during emergency situations to keep yourself well informed about everything that is happening.

The versatile device helps you stay connected by functioning as a power bank you can use to charge your phone and other devices. It has a powerful LED flashlight that will make sure you never get lost in the dark. It even has a glow-in-the-dark indicator on it that you can use to find the device even in darkness. Additionally, the device boasts several power sources, a red emergency beacon, and even a headphone jack so you can listen to the radio privately if you need to.

Getting the most current information is critical when you are facing a potential natural disaster. The FRX3 emergency radio is among the best in getting you the information you need in a timely manner. The device is tough, pragmatic, easy to carry, and convenient to use. You can plug in the device to charge it if you have electricity. In case there is a blackout, you can rely on the hand crank system or solar panels to keep the device charged and running.

The radio boasts phenomenal reception even in rough weather conditions. The thoughtful construction of the device, along with its cost-effective production method, makes it a convenient part of your survival kit. It has a large and ergonomic hand crank that you might find yourself using quite often, but it is a powerful device that does everything you can expect a quality emergency radio to do.


  • The device has a powerful integrated LED flashlight
  • It has a hand crank, solar panel, and USB charging option
  • It can function as a power bank
  • The emergency radio has a glow-in-the-dark indicator to help you keep track of it
  • It can receive all seven NOAA weather channels


  • You need to crank the device for a while after discharge to make the battery usable

MD-088s Hand Crank Self Powered Emergency Radio by RunningSnail

The second RunningSnail entry on our list of the top emergency radios is the MD-088s Hand Crank Self Powered Emergency Radio. This is a tough, powerful, compact, and versatile device with some highly impressive features. You can use four different power sources to use the device. For the recharging unit, there is a USB charging port, a solar panel system, and a trustworthy hand crank system. If you have AAA batteries, you can run the device using three of those.

The device has excellent reception, giving you access to all seven weather channels along with AM and FM frequency bands. You will have access to all the information you need to make the right decisions as you deal with natural disasters. While there are plenty of bulky emergency radios with additional features in the market, the MD-088s is a device that is light, compact, and highly portable. The device also features a useful battery pack that you can use to charge your devices like phones and tablets.

Like the MD-090, this is a highly durable device with high-quality weatherproofing. The device also has a powerful LED light that boasts brightness. Not many other similar devices can compete with it in the market. The device can be a valuable tool in your survival kit during emergencies and a tool you can use during your outdoor adventures.


  • It boasts a phenomenal and bright LED flashlight
  • You can charge your phone by using this device as a power bank
  • It has an emergency flasher you can use to signal for help
  • The device comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Accessibility to all seven NOAA weather channels
  • Exceptional reception in tough weather conditions


  • The device does not come with a clock
  • It has an analog display that some people might not prefer

ER310 Emergency Crank Radio by Midland

The last entry on our list of quality emergency radios you can buy in 2023 is the ER310 Emergency Crank Radio by Midland. The design of this emergency radio immediately gives the impression that it was engineered as a survival tool, which makes it a refreshing choice for many people. The unit is highly compact. It is lightweight and very easy to transport. It offers you interoperability with other devices as well.

There is a molded handle on the device that gives you a firm grip. It has a backlit LCD display panel that provides you with the status of the device. You can also rely on its digital display for accurate tuning while you search for different weather channels on the radio. It has ergonomically placed buttons and a powerful 130 lumens LED flashlight. The lithium-ion battery is powerful and keeps the device running for up to 30 hours once it is fully charged.

The reception on this device is better than what you might expect from such a compact radio. However, it can pick up only one or two of the closest NOAA weather channels, unlike most other devices we reviewed in this article. The device has a decent speaker that gives a loud enough output considering how small it is. The device lets you charge devices like your phone and tablets. It is a weatherproof device, but it is not entirely waterproof. You cannot expose it directly to the rain because you can risk damaging it.


  • It has an audible siren signal when weather alerts come in
  • It has a powerful 130 lumens flashlight, which is one of the brightest among the products we’ve reviewed
  • It has a replaceable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • The device has a long runtime on a single charge
  • It has an ultrasonic dog whistle and SOS beacon
  • The radio offers three charging options, including a hand crank, solar panel, and USB.


  • Its hand crank is not quite efficient
  • The device has a short range for catching radio channels

MMR-88 Weather and Alert Radio by Sangean

Sangean is another company with a fantastic reputation for making reliable devices for its customers. The MMR-88 Weather and Alert Radio by Sangean is a respectable entry in the list of our top picks for the finest emergency radio you can buy in 2023. This device is a tried and tested tool that functions as an excellent survival tool during natural disasters. The device is compact, it is lightweight, highly durable, and it is convenient to use. The LCD screen gives you a digital display that you can read easily. It also helps you monitor the charging level of your device, so you know when you need to recharge it.

It has an effective hand crank system you can use to recharge its batteries. You do not need to worry about the device dying out on you, even during prolonged power outages. All it takes is a few turns on the crank, and the MMR-88 is back up and running. This emergency radio has a stable structure that you can stand on a surface without worrying about it blowing away due to strong winds.


  • The device has a charging indicator that lets you know about the battery level
  • It offers three different charging methods
  • It has a DC output you can use to charge your phone and other devices
  • It has a four-function LED light (low light, high, flash, and SOS)
  • It boasts accessibility to all seven NOAA channels and AM/FM band frequencies


  • The lithium-ion battery that comes with the device is not high-quality – you would get better performance by replacing it
  • There is no alkaline battery backup

KA500IP-RED Voyager Emergency Radio by Kaito

The second product by Kaito on our list of emergency radios is the KA500IP-RED Voyager Emergency Radio. The model is closely related to the device we reviewed above, but it has several features that make it a different device altogether. The device was engineered to provide a more robust tool for emergency situations. It offers you several methods to charge the Ni-MH battery, including a solar panel and the trusty hand crank system.

The unit also accepts three AAA batteries if you have them lying around. The device can pick up as many as seven NOAA weather channels along with AM/FM frequencies. The whole device is encased in a tough shell and a nylon strap that makes carrying it around easier. This device can receive shortwave radio signals which make it a big plus in emergency situations. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around.

The hand crank system is smooth, efficient, and reliable. The telescoping antenna helps you get better reception even in the toughest weather conditions. The antenna easily collapses down for convenient storage. The panel on this device can be swiveled in different directions to give it a better angle for more sunlight and faster charging. The device has an LED flashlight, and it can function as a table lamp.

It is an affordable device that you can even use to charge your phone and other devices. Like its cousin, this model also boasts a solar panel that could have been more efficient than it is.


  • There are three methods to charge the device including solar, USB, and hand crank
  • It boasts access to seven different NOAA weather channels
  • It comes with the option to use AAA batteries to backup its rechargeable battery
  • It has a backlit display


  • Some people might not like the analog display
  • The solar panels are not as effective as you might want them to be

The Best Emergency Radio Buying Guide

With the reviews of our top picks, you have a better idea about what each product offers. As you can see, while all the products perform similar tasks, certain differences set them apart from each other. In this section, we are going to discuss the features you need to consider when you are looking for the perfect emergency radio. It will help you make a better buying decision based on your particular needs.

Size and Weight

While it might not mean much right now, the size and weight of the device you purchase can make a world of difference for you. The radio you get needs to be light enough so you can carry it around with you. You never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in. Having a portable device can be crucial. If you find yourself traveling on foot, having compact and lightweight gear can make an impact on your mobility.

We’ve included smaller radios on the list to make things easier for you. Be sure to check out the details of each product. It will provide you with the dimensions of the product and its weight. Keep the dimensions and weight in mind when you make the purchase decision.

Power Capabilities

Like most electrical appliances, having USB charging capabilities is essential for emergency radios as well. However, if you find yourself in an emergency situation, you may not have access to typical sources of power for extended periods. That is where the power capabilities of emergency radios can shine. They must have alternative ways for you to power them up.

Panels for capturing sunlight are an excellent renewable energy source. Small solar panels that can charge lithium-ion batteries are included in many emergency radios. However, solar panels may be a major hassle if they go days without being exposed to sunlight.

Powering emergency radios through the hand crank is the safest option. Premium emergency radios will incorporate both solar panels and hand cranks for recharging. Although it may be more work to crank the radio to recharge the device, it works well spent if it means getting out of a jam.

Always make sure that there is a hand crank system in the product you are considering when you want to buy an emergency radio.

Battery Capacity

Even if you have an emergency radio that you can recharge by hand, you need a device that can last long on a single charge. The battery capacity of a device indicates how long you can use it on each full charge of the device. Most of the leading emergency radios have battery capacities of around 2000mAh.

You might find emergency radios with higher battery capacity more suitable. Emergency radios that offer several features like the ability to charge your smartphone or a flashlight see their batteries drain faster. It is better to have a greater capacity on emergency radios so you can use them for longer before their batteries drain out, and you need to recharge them.

Additional Features

The primary reason people buy emergency radios is that they come in incredibly handy in challenging situations. While the radio function itself is an obvious reason why they buy the device, we purchase them for the various safety features they offer. It is better to invest in a device that can help you tackle multiple necessities in one package. Generally, you need an NOAA radio that can help you get all the latest updates on the weather situation and measures you need to take.

Additionally, the value-add features can include a flashlight that can be crucial in a blackout. Not only can a flashlight let you see in the dark, but you can also use it as a means to send out SOS signals to let authorities know you need help and to help them find you. Some even come with an outlet you can use to charge other devices like your smartphones. While they are not meant to charge your devices fully, they can help you keep just enough power in your phones to use them for emergency contact.

Brand Name

While the brand is not everything, it can help you find the right product. Manufacturers who have been making these products for a long time and have a reputation for making reliable products are a must. You will find plenty of models made by smaller brands that look eerily similar to the products made by top brands. Some of the cheaper models by small brands may boast similar functionality. Still, they cannot guarantee the longevity or quality that the bigger and more reliable brands do.


Last but not least, the aspect of durability can be the most important factor you can consider when you are looking for the best emergency radio. Many people overlook this quality. You need to make sure that the device you choose has enough durability to withstand regular wear and tear along with basic weather elements.

While it may make the device more expensive than a less durable device, a durable device gives you more value for money. We have included products in this article that offer some of the best features and brands that have high regard for durability.

Emergency Radio FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding emergency radios. This section will give you an explanation of some of the most important features that emergency radios have and the difference they can make. It will help you understand the value each product brings to you and how you can make the right purchase decision.

Q. What is a crank radio? How does it work?

A. A crank radio is a radio with a hand-powered generator on the emergency radio as a power source. The crank is a system that produced electrical energy using a magnet wrapped in a coil of copper wire. When you turn the crank, you spin the coil around the magnet. The movement of the copper wire coil around the magnet starts the process of electromagnetic induction and creates an electric current.

The current generated by the hand crank goes into the battery of the radio and recharges it. This process of creating electricity uses the same principle used in hydroelectric dam generators but on a much smaller scale. Even wind power generators use the same principle to generate electricity. On such a small scale, the electric current generated is just significant enough to help recharge the small battery in your emergency radio.

Crank radios give you a reliable and renewable source of power without the need to rely on a main electrical connection to power your emergency radio, making them perfect if there are elongated power outages.

Q. When will I need to use an emergency radio?

A. There are plenty of situations where you can find yourself in need of an emergency radio. Typically, emergency radios can come in handy in areas that are prone to natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, blizzards, seasonal flooding, and tornados. The American Midwest region suffers seasonal flooding almost every year.

An emergency radio is a lifesaver if there is a chance that the electricity may be off for several days. If the power goes out for an extended period of time, it can help you stay informed of important emergency alerts such as weather updates, evacuation orders, and more. Portable emergency radios use very little power, so you never have to worry about their dying on you.

Solar panels and hand cranks are only two of the several energy sources available for emergency radios. If the battery starts to die, you can quickly recharge them. LED flashlights are only one example of an added survival function found on many modern emergency radios.

Besides natural disasters, emergency radios can be incredibly useful on camping trips or any unprecedented situation you can find yourself in. It is always ideal to have one close by and not need it rather than needing one and not having it.

Q. Why can’t I simply use my smartphone?

A. In the event you are caught in a natural disaster, you must understand that the regular way of how things work is disrupted. It means you will face plenty of issues finding some of the essentials you can usually find quite easily. Water, heating oil, and other essential supplies can become scarce. Electric power is also lost in the event of extensive damage to the relevant infrastructure. You can be without electricity for days or even weeks.

While your smartphone might have the kind of apps that help you take care of several crucial tasks, the battery is going to deplete at some point. There will come a point when your smartphone cannot function as a crucial source of information for you. That is where an emergency radio will not fail you. Emergency radios come equipped with a power source that can last virtually forever. You can use it to guide yourself to safety in an emergency situation.

The prime emergency radio units even come with flashlights you can use to navigate in the darkness. Some can even provide you power through their lithium-ion batteries to help you keep your phone charged.

Q. Where can I buy an emergency radio?

A. Emergency radios are one of the most widely available devices in electronic stores, home improvement centers, hardware stores, big-box stores, and several online shopping places. Many people prefer buying their wares from physical brick-and-mortar stores. It allows them to feel the device, its weight, determine how it can fit and see how bright the lights can be.

An increasing number of people prefer buying emergency radios online now. It gives them the advantage of getting the perfect emergency radio without even leaving the comfort of their home – and they can get a fantastic deal on the prices.

We’ve created this guide to make sure you get the information you would want to get about a product before you buy it. You know what to expect from the devices in our top picks, and you will not be making a blind purchase. You get the advantage of knowing exactly what you are getting, why it would be an ideal purchase, the comfort of getting it delivered at your house, and a decent deal on the price.

Final Thoughts

Having the greatest emergency radio on hand can be more important than you can imagine if you are ever facing a natural disaster. It can help you remain in contact with the outside world and help you stay up to date on vital information to help you weather the storm.

When you are buying an emergency radio, you are making an important investment in something that can help you save your life. It is crucial that you understand everything there is to know about the device you are purchasing and make the right buying decision based on your needs.

We hope that between the reviews, buying guides, and FAQs, you have all the information you need to find the perfect emergency radio for your needs.


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