The 8 Best Fire Escape Ladders for 2023 – Tips i Buying Guide

We are sure that everyone feels their home is the safest place on Earth. In any case, you must be prepared to face everything, even the worst. Fire is considered one of the primary heat sources at all. And when it is controlled, it can easily be put down.

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Unfortunately, in the worst-case scenario, things can get uncontrollable. In such cases, we need to have a proper escape plan because the fire can become deadly. The good thing is to ensure you and your family will be able to move to a safe place.

This is why it can be crucial to consider getting an emergency fire escape ladder.

Best Fire Escape Ladder

To help you make an informed decision, we will cover some of the essential features to look for when searching for a fire escape ladder and present you with the top 8 fire escape ladders based on our research.

Keep scrolling down to find the most useful one for you!

Kidde Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder

This two-story fire escape ladder can easily be attached to a window and help you escape your home if a fire traps you. Its frame is durable and robust, and the ladder is made from fire-resistant material.

To ensure its strength and functionality, the manufacturer tested this model with more than 1000 pounds. The rungs are built from high-quality zing-plated steel to provide secure footing and slipping prevention.

In case of an emergency, this model is fast and easy to deploy, and no pre-assignment is required.

Thanks to its size, when folded, it can be easily stored everywhere in your house. To ensure that this ladder will meet your requirements, a 5-year warranty is provided.

  • Size: 13 feet (2-story)
  • No assembling
  • Five years warranty

Hausse Retractable 3 Story Fire Escape Ladder

This ladder from Hausse can be a perfect option if you are living in a three-story building. Its length is 25 feet so it can provide a safe escape even from higher facilities.

Once you get it, it is ready to be deployed, so no pre-assembling is needed. The deployment can take up to a few seconds, so you can make sure you and your family will be able to escape quickly in case of an emergency.

Each rung of the ladder has a non-slip surface and provides a secure and steady foothold.

The ladder has been tested and can hold up to 1000 pounds, allowing it to be used by three people at once. The retractable hooks secure the ladder so any window will not slip off.

  • Size: 25 feet
  • Weight capacity: 1000 pounds
  • Retractable hooks and non-slip rungs

First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder

This ladder from First alert can be a lifesaver in case you need to get out of the building if there is a fire. It is perfect for two or three-story facilities. The great thing is that it comes fully assembled, which is a time-saver.

It is compact and can be easily stored under the window, so you will be able to react immediately. This one is effortless to set up, and it is strong enough to assist both children and adults in getting safe quickly.

This home fire ladder is 14ft long, with the ability to hold up to 1,125 lbs. The steel construction ensures its durability and secure surface, while the non-slip epoxy-covered rugs will provide secure footing.

An essential thing to say is that the ladder complies with the ASTM standards.

  • Size: 14 feet
  • Weight capacity: 1,125lbs
  • ASTM tested and approved

X-IT 2 Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

This fire escape ladder for home is lightweight and portable, but at the same time practical and safe.

When saving yourself is a top priority, it is crucial to get a reliable ladder, so you can quickly get to a safe place in case of a fire.

This ladder is perfect for 2 stage buildings, and it can be easily attached to the window. It comes with a storage bag, which ensures it is easy to store.

This emergency escape ladder is built to be completely tangle-free, and it is tested to 1,000 pounds. It can be deployed in a few seconds, and most importantly, it is made for multi-use – you do not have to discard it after the first time.

  • Size: 13 feet
  • Weight capacity: 1,000 pounds
  • Exceeds ASTM safety standards, including UL

Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder

This ladder from Hausse is a must-have for every one-floor building. It can be hooked on almost every window, regardless of how wide and narrow it is. The retractable ladder hook ensures this.

No tools are needed for its assembling, and it can be deployed in seconds, quickly letting you go out.

The hassle-free deployment is guaranteed by the tangle-free system used in building the ladder. The non-slip rugs provide a secure footing surface and lower the risk of sliding.

This ladder is safe and easy to use for both adults and children. The 1000-pound capacity allows up to 3 people to descend at once. It comes in a red storage bag, so it is detectable in case of an emergency.

  • Size: 13 feet
  • Weight capacity: 1000 pounds
  • Retractable hook

Werner 2-story Fire Escape Ladder

This ladder by Werner is considered to be one of the ultimate fire ladders for the home, thanks to its reliability and functionality.

It can be installed in the wall below a second-story window, so it’s always ready to be deployed and can never be misplaced if you panic.

The ladder is strong and sturdy, and it features heat-resistant nylon webbing, anti-slip rungs, and stand-offs. To keep you steady, a helpful first-step assistance strap guarantees safety and stability while you are escaping.

It can hold up to 1200 pounds, meaning that many people can use it to escape at once. During a fire emergency, every second counts, and it is better to be prepared and able to save your family the fastest way possible.

  • Size: 13 feet
  • Weight capacity: 1200 pounds
  • Flat rungs anti-slip grooves

Sharewin Portable Emergency Escape Ladder

With its length of 50 feet, this escape ladder is designed especially for higher buildings up to 6-story. The highest you are placed, the hardest it can be to escape in case of a fire.

This is why you need a robust, reliable, and durable ladder. The rungs and hooks are strengthened, which ensures additional stability and efficiency.

The hooks can successfully be attached to walls that are up to 11 inches thick. There is also an additional supporting system and extra-wide rungs for fast and efficient descent of children as well.

The non-slip surface of the rungs allows for secure and robust footing while climbing or going down. Although the ladder is long and robust, it is lightweight, which makes its deployment easy and fast. It is effortless to be stored as it folds completely.

  • Size: 50 feet
  • Weight capacity: 990lbs
  • Portable, lightweight and convenient

ResQLadder Escape Ladder

This is designed to be one of the finest 4-story home fire escape ladders on the market. It does not require any pre-installation before use, and it can be deployed in seconds in case of an emergency.

While fitting on most kinds of windows and walls up to 10 inches thick, this ladder can hold up to 1000 lbs at once, allowing multiple people to use it at the same time. This has been tested numerous times by the manufacturer.

The strong, slip-resistant all-steel rungs ensure extra durability and safety. The adjustable stand-offs will keep the ladder away from the building’s walls, and they can be adjusted to avoid lower windows and other obstructions.

  • Size: 35 feet
  • Weight capacity: 100lbs
  • Adjustable stand-offs

Tips on Finding The Best Fire Escape Ladders for Windows

The safety of you and your family will always come first. This is why you should make sure you are prepared for anything that could happen. Fire incidents are common thing, and they could occur due to many factors.

A fire can easily be put out if controlled, but in the worst-case scenario – you will not be able to handle it, and you should escape the building as quickly as possible. This is why you need to back up your home with escape ladders that can easily be attached to the window.

Many aspects determine a ladder as one of the good options, and some of them and mandatory to be checked while checking ladders.

1. Size

The first thing to consider when getting an escape ladder is its size. Most of them are grouped according to the building’s height. For 2-story buildings, the preferred length is 13 inches, while for 5 to 6 story ones, 50 inches will do the work.

2. Storage and deployment

You should try to find a model that doesn’t take up too much space in storage and is straightforward to operate. In the event of a fire, every second counts, so rapid deployment is essential.

Easy access is ensured by the fact that the ladders need not be set up in advance and may be stashed out of the way under the window. When choosing a window treatment, it’s important to take into account both the size and shape of the window you intend to install it in.

3. Materials

Here it is essential to notice that the materials used need to be heat-resistant. In most cases, the ladders are made of robust rope or steel. Be sure to get one with non-slip rungs, as providing a strong and secure footing surface can be crucial in moments of panic.

4. Weight Capacity

This is essential because the higher it is, the more people can be descended at the same time. Some models can handle only one person, which can not be useful if many people need to be rescued.

5. Product weight

You might also need to think of getting a ladder that is not too heavy because everyone should be able to carry, attach, and deploy it if required. The ladder weight is considered to be from 7 to 28 pounds, depending on the materials and length.

Wrap Up

Building a safe home for you and your beloved ones is essential. To do this, you need to be prepared and ready to face even the unbearable. This is why it is recommended to get an escape ladder, which can end up being a lifesaver.

We hope that this guide clarified the most important features to look for and pointed out the favorite picks on the market.

Now you can make an informed choice and rest assured that you and your family are safe and sound.

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