6 Best Survival Axes & Hatches in 2023 for Survival Into the Woods

We know it might seem impossible for you to find the perfect survival axe or a camp hatchet on the market.

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There are a few factors to take into consideration: how sharp it is, size, precise angle, and the distribution of weight is right for you.

The last one is crucial since you don’t want any injuries.

Best Survival Axe

It might be your lucky day because we are here to help you choose from the favorite ones currently available online. We have done some research for you and write product reviews of the top 6 survival axes available online that we 100% recommend. Get yourself a high-quality camping ax, and start your adventure!

Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Hatchet

Fiskars, one of the oldest of Finland’s companies, is a brand with more than 365 years of making excellent quality products. This hatchet is not an exception. Made from forged carbon steel, this bad boy could be a great companion on your hiking trips and outdoor adventures.

It’s ideal for chopping small- to medium-sized logs, so for activities involving cutting a lot of brush and firewood, this axe will transform into your go-to buddy.

The manufacturer’s patented blade-grinding technique provides undeniable sharpness of the edge for excellent contact and cleaner cuts. It has a perfect balance and power-to-weight ratio that helps to increase the swing speed, thus making the chopping deeper and faster, with less effort and hand strain.

This hatchet is super sharp and extremely light – it weighs only 1.38 pounds. With this axe, camping will no longer be stressful. This is the perfect choice to add to your survival gear for adventuring in the wilderness.

Estwing Sportsman’s Axe – E24A

This classic axe is the #1 best seller on Amazon in Camping Axes & Hatchets. It’s practically unbreakable due to its material – 1055 carbon steel, and it’s quite impossible to damage the axe head and handle.

The overall length is 12 Inches. This heavy-duty axe comes with a nylon sheath to protect the hand-sharpened cutting edge. The beautiful leather grip is sanded and lacquered for a comfortable yet durable finish.

This camping hatchet with forged steel construction & genuine leather grip is designed for hunting and sport, so the trim build doesn’t split logs very well. Anyways, this brand’s survival tools are the choice of outdoorsmen everywhere.

We are fans of Eastwing because their prices are reasonable, they always pay attention to detail, and with them, form always meets function.

Husqvarna 13″ Wooden Hatchet

The brand provides a wide range of wooden axes for various tasks. This small, light axe can be used for splitting small camp firewood or cutting branches. It’s an excellent survival axe and a camping tool.

We wouldn’t say it’s the cheapest product you can get, but an excellent one for its money considering its materials – American hickory and hand-forged Swedish steel. The straight grain of the handle is note-worthy since it prevents breaks and splits from over-striking.

The hatchet’s head is attached to the hickory shaft using both steel and wooden wedge to secure fastening.

The Husqvarna wildlife hatchet’s Swedish axe steel is a high-quality unit, and with proper maintenance on your part, we can assure you it will last for a long time.

On this note, in order to preserve it, we advise you not to store it in too warm conditions because the handle might shrink. Also, clean the dirt after using it, and always moisten it before putting it on the cover that comes with it.

Schrade SCAXE2 Stainless Steel Small Axe

This Schrade survival hatchet has an 11.8-inch overall length with a blade length of 3.8 inches. The black glass fiber handle comes with an ergonomic rubber grip, so the axe blade will not slip. It’s dependable and quick, and easy to access due to its convenient thermoplastic belt sheath.

This reliable tool has one of the leading axe heads on the market that is strategically shaped and sharp to prevent overworking the user.

A small size axe is a perfect addition to your survival kit and everyday tasks. With this one, you will be prepared for all kinds of survival situations. It features a titanium-coated stainless-steel head that is designed to maximize the power of every stroke.

Aside from a reliable axe head, it has a textured hammer pommel located on the back of the blade, an extra-large Ferro rod fire starter built inside the shaft, and a lanyard coming from inside the handle.

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CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk Axe

This lightweight two-handed camp axe with a hammerhead and a hot-forged 1055 carbon steel blade will make your life easier when you want to build a lovely log cabin, do some camp chores, do chopping jobs, or do wood splitting.

The precise blade curve is ideal for deeper bites into the hardwood. It is thick and long, the hickory handle gives you extra leverage for digging or self-defense in a survival situation.

The Woods Chogan Axe Lightweight is also sealed with a lacquer coat that adds durability all the time. The camp ax features a hammer finish for nails or tent stakes and is also remarkably lightweight (1 lb).

Leather sheaths to protect the edge are not included in the price, but don’t worry! Designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical, you won’t want to keep this bad boy covered.

Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet

This traditional camping axe will give you a lifetime warranty for all survival purposes. It features a longer handle (13.5 inches long) made from true American hickory, which gives the axe more power, especially when felling trees.

The steelhead makes it easy to lop off quite large branches, and with it, splitting small logs for the campfire will be super easy. A leather sheath is included, covering the edge and the top part of the pool, making it practical to carry in your rucksack when you need a small forest axe.

This suggestion by Gransfors Bruks might be a little bit high on the price point, but there are few survival axes that can compare to this item. In our opinion, this survival hatchet has a great weight distribution out there ( Overall weight: 1.3lb, Head weight: 1lb, Handle length: 13½).

Each blade is high carbon steel handcrafted in Sweden. There are no cons except the price tag, but with this unparalleled quality, we guarantee your money will be well spent.

Difference Between An Axe and a Hatchet

Many people know the axe for camping as a hatchet. However, these are different tools. We want to mention the difference between an axe and a hatchet just to make sure your preferences are covered before you decide to make a purchase.

The survival hatchets are like the little brothers of the camp axe. They come with one primary use and are usually good for hacking up smaller trees or making use of fallen trees for wood.

The axe, on the other hand, can be crafted for different purposes. For example, there is a kind of felling axe and a specific one for splitting. An axe is designed to be used with two hands rather than one, and they are bigger than hatchets.

Is an axe good for self-defense?

Have you wondered if the axe, hatchet, or tomahawk are convenient tools for defending yourself? Well, we strongly vote down for this understanding of the axe because it is initially crafted for chopping wood, not bodies… but we agree it might come into use as a weapon of opportunity in the worst-case scenario.

Some of the best survival axes we suggest are made to be put easily on your belt; thus, they would be immediately accessible to you.

Wrap up

The axe might not be the popular tool it used to be back in history, but it’s still an essential item for every man who loves to spend time outdoors.

Even if the ability to thrive in a natural environment is not your thing, being able to cut some wood, set a decent fire, or hammer stakes into tents is something that everyone should be able to do in a survival scenario. The truth is, the only way to accomplish these tasks is to have a utility axe by your side.

A camp axe, though, can do a lot more than what it’s made for. We believe this is one of the tools everyone should have on hand because it is a potential lifesaver in different situations. For instance, getting out of a burning building. You can also use it for knife-type tasks like game processing, shaving fuzz sticks, carving, or related fine work.

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