Top 6 Best Survival Knives in 2023

The knife has been and still is one of the essential tools which humankind has used and continues to use on a daily basis.

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We all use knives at home for food prep and opening packages, and various other tasks.

Knives are among the most important survival tools as well.

Today, the knives made for survival have evolved from the ancient flint, bronze, and iron knives of the past, and they are well designed and made of the most durable steel and long-lasting handle materials that will withstand all types of weather conditions and years of use in the outdoors.

Survivalists use a wide variety of knives for their adventures, for performing basic survival tasks like cutting, shaving wood, carving, sharpening, killing, and cleaning fish and game, for self-defense, and for all types of survival needs. This makes the survival knife a vital tool for all essentials of outdoor survival, including making a shelter, finding and preparing food, staying safe, staying warm and other necessities.

Survival knives come in all sizes, shapes, and forms, but the most popular ones preferred by survivalists are the more compact, full-tang, fixed blade types, which are easy to carry, offer a comfortable and secure grip, and can tackle most tasks in all types of weather conditions.

Best Survival Knife

We have selected the favorite survival knives for 2023 based on all of the these and more features.

ESEE Knives 5P Fixed Blade Knife with Kydex Sheath

The ESEE 5 fixed blade survival knife has established itself as one of the top-preferred survival knives in the last years.

Even though the Esee Company is only two decades old, it is already recognized as one of the top US knife makers.

The Esee 5P is a magnificent example of the high quality and efficiency of the utility and survival knives that the company makes.

It has a 5.25-inch long, drop-point blade made of 1095 Carbon Steel with a textured powder-coated finish and is very comfortable and safe to use even in wet conditions with micarta handle scales.

The knife has an overall length of 11 inches, and its blade reaches a thickness of about 1/4 inch, it is a full tang knife with a drop-point design and is a tad larger than some of the other survival knives, but it is a monster of a knife and will handle all types of survival tasks without bending, breaking or chipping.

The knife has been specifically designed for survival needs.

It also has a glass breaker pommel or pries bar, a thumb jimping, and a bow drill divot.

The premium quality survival knife for 2023 comes with high quality and sturdy black Kydex sheath with a clip plate.

It may be larger and heftier than some of the other knives on this list, but the Esee 5 is a tool and weapon which you can surely rely on for years, no matter what type of adventures you pursue or the survival situations you end up in.

It is not the cheapest of the products we have picked, but given its high-quality build and the premium materials used for the blade, handle and sheath, the Esee 5 is most definitely worth every dollar you will pay.

Plus, it is proudly made in the USA and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Morakniv Kansbol Fixed Blade Knife

The Morakniv Kansbol is made in Sweden and features a fixed 4.3-inch blade made from one of the strongest and highest qualities 12C28 stainless steel by steel tool industry leader Sandvik.

The razor-sharp cutting edge provides exceptional performance and is corrosion-resistant and hard enough to withstand years of use in the worst possible conditions. Many survivalists prefer this blade as compared to carbon steel ones because of these qualities, especially the corrosion resistance.

The Morakniv Kansbol Fixed Blade knife is the ultimate bushcraft knife with a blade design allowing it to handle all sorts of survival, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor and indoor tasks, including cutting, slicing, sharpening, shaving wood, carving, feathering and more hard use.

The excellent knife for survival has a 90-degree square blade spine ground, which can be used with a fire starter.

The length of the Kansbol survival knife is 8.9 inches, and it weighs only 4.7 ounces, so it is portable and easy to carry even on long hikes and walks.

It is sold at a very reasonable price for the high quality offered. You can buy it with a MOLLE multi-mount system or with a plastic sheath, depending on your preferences.

A proud descendant of the Viking swords originating from the Scandinavian country, the Morakniv Kansbol is a perfect example of a perfectly designed and made survival knife.

It is light and relatively compact, and even though it won’t handle chopping wood like the heavier Esee 5, it is still the survival tool you will appreciate hanging on your belt or in your backpack when you are spending time in the wilderness.

The medium-sized utility knife costs less than most of the other survival knives on this list and is backed by a lifetime warranty from the Swedish manufacturer.

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

The Ka-Bar Becker BK9 is the largest survival knife on our list.

It is one of the great options if you prefer carrying a larger-sized and more versatile bowie knife on your adventures.

The Becker BK9 combat bowie fixed knife has a 1095 Cro-Van steel 9-inch full-tang knife blade length with a short and flat clip point, making it less aggressive than a drop point blade.

The good survival knife can handle some pretty serious tasks when you are out camping, hunting, or exploring the great outdoors.

You can use it as a more portable and compact alternative to a hatchet or saw for chopping and processing wood for building a shelter or for making a fire.

The handle of the Becker BK9 is made of a tough ivory polymer with an ergonomic shape, which makes it easier and safer to hold during use, and will also make chopping and cutting much less tiring.

The top-quality field knife by Ka-Bar comes with a sturdy sheath with a Kydex insert, which will protect the clip point blade, ensure that it holds an edge, and will allow you to carry the knife on your adventures safely.

The camp knife is made in the USA and has been accepted as one of the iconic big knives in the country, loved by survivalists and knife enthusiasts thanks to its ruggedness, its excellent design, and the impressive chopping power it has offered.

While 9 inches is a pretty big blade length when it comes to survival knives, the Ka-Bar Becker BK9 is still not overly big and is still an excellent option if you prefer carrying a more versatile and powerful hunting knife rather than a hatchet or survival saw and knife separately.

Overall, this is a solid survival knife that is made in the USA and comes with a razor-sharp edge out of the box. For the asking price, it is among the great options if you are looking for a bigger and more multifunctional survival knife.

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife with Fine Edge

Survivalists have relied on knives and tools made by Gerber for years. The Gerber StrongArm is a reasonably priced fixed blade survival knife that has an overall length of 9.8 inches, a weight of just 7.2-oz, and a 4.8-inch blade length.

The full-tang blade is made of 420HC/BDZ-1, which is coated with a durable ceramic coating that helps protect the high carbon steel blade from corrosion due to use in wet conditions and to hold its sharp edge for longer. Plus, its black color makes the knife low-profile and discreet to carry and use.

Its rubberized handle material has non-slip and is comfortable to hold diamond patterns.

The survival knife by Gerber has a striking pommel on the handle base, which can be used to break glass and other hard surfaces, useful in all types of rescue operations and emergencies.

One of the most impressive features of the StrongArm survival knife is its innovative sheath.

It has a modular system allowing for a wide variety of convenient carry options.

The snap-together, multi-mount sheath has detachable hoops for horizontal belt carry, a nylon webbing for vertical drop-leg carry, and secondary retention, as well as an option for MOLLE vertical attachment to a tactical vest, backpack, or other compatible equipment.

The high-quality knife is made in Portland, Oregon, and is currently the top survival knife offered by reputable knife maker Gerber.

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

This Full-size US Marine Corps Straight Fighting Knife has one of the most recognizable and iconic designs and blade shapes in the world.

It has long been among the top-preferred knives for fighting, combat, and survival.

The Ka-Bar Straight Fighting Knife is still used by members of the US Marine Corps and is a favorite knife for numerous survivalists and for everyday carry as well. In fact, it is USMC stamped in honor of all those who have served or are currently serving in the military of the US.

The robust knife has a straight edge 7-inch blade, which is made of 1095 Cro-van steel, epoxy coated for corrosion resistance and edge retention. The straight edge is 20 degrees and will not chip, break, or be damaged easily.

The handle is made of stacked leather and offers a comfortable and secure grip even in extreme weather or conditions.

The USMC knife by Ka-Bar has an overall length of 11.875 inches, and thanks to its large size, you can use it not only for chopping and cutting small twigs but also for piercing and for chopping and shaving wood too.

The “most famous fixed blade knife in the world “comes with a durable and high-quality leather sheath, which can handle a lot of wear and tear, and will never break, no matter the weather conditions and the extreme situations it is put through.

Being a fighting and combat knife, the biggest advantage of this straight edge knife is its self-defense capability. With a knife like this, you can rest assured that you will be able to protect yourself in extreme conditions.

If you want a large-sized all-purpose survival knife for your outdoor adventures, this one is among the finest options available on the market.

Benchmade – Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Outdoor Knife 

Benchmade is another one of the leaders in the knife-making industry of the USA, and the Bushcrafter 162 Knife is the epitome of the high quality of its knife-making skills and experience.

The fixed blade survival knife has a 4.4-inch blade length with a thickness of 0.164 inches. It is made of US CPM-30V stainless steel blade material and has a precision drop point at the tip, and a full tang, which is sandwiched between two resin-soaked fiberglass G10 polymer grip scales and a vulcanized spacer via sturdy pressed titanium tubing.

Benchmade’s high-end survival knife has a handle that is significantly less likely to slip in wet or bloody conditions than the handles of competing high-end tactical knives. The Bushcrafter 162 is an extremely dependable knife for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, and survival.

This excellent full-tang knife has a fixed blade, and at 9.15 inches in length and 7.7 ounces in weight, it is compact and convenient to carry on a belt, bag, or other surface.

The edge is already razor sharp, and the high-quality steel ensures that it will stay that way through a lot of use in any survival circumstance.

In addition to being more durable in outdoors than high-carbon steel blades, it is also resistant to corrosion.

This excellent field knife is sold with a full-grain genuine buckskin leather sheath with a flint rod loop, a D-ring, and a retention strap for alternative carrying options.

The compact and lightweight but highly durable and efficient survival knife may not be as inexpensive as some of the other knives in its category, but it is built to last, and with proper care, will serve you faithfully all life long. Plus, it is sold with a lifetime warranty by Benchmade.

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