Top 10 Best Biometric Gun Safe in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

In the times we live in, more and more people are pro-gun and are buying ones to keep them at home to keep the harm away.

Biometric Gun Safe

Many residents of communities that often experience burglaries opt to buy a rifle so they can respond quickly in the event of a break-in. The most crucial thing is to store your gun in a secure location close to you if you do decide to get one. The safe needs to be small no matter where you chose to put it, whether in a closet, cabinet, drawer or on the shelves.

The most crucial decision to be made when purchasing a pistol for defense is where to store the weapon.

You must find a safe place to store the gun in your home, especially if you have children so that they cannot get it.

Since there are more and more cases in which accidents occur with firearms, the most secure measure to prevent that is to use biometric gun safes.

If you are a gun owner, you have to have a finger recognition safe, and in this article, you will find the best biometric gun safes on the market.

Are biometric gun safes reliable?

There are a lot of factors to be considered when saying whether biometric gun safes are reliable. Let’s not forget that this is a device, and people worry about malfunctions in most cases. Before buying a firearm, you always have to read the reviews, outweigh the pros and cons of the device, and pick a product that will be the most suitable for your household.

However, the reliability of these safes is often the owner’s reliability towards gun safety.

The location of the biometric gun safe is an important consideration; whether you keep it at home or in your office, you must always ensure that you can quickly access it in an emergency. But you must also be aware that there is no way your family members will be able to get the gun, especially if you have children.

So perhaps, the best way to keep your gun is in a biometric pistol safe. It is much more reliable than keeping it in a simple safe with various combinations of numbers. The biometric gun safe needs only a fingerprint scanner or face ID to open, which means knowing that only you can access it, and the gun won’t be in the wrong person’s hands.

Biometric gun safes are as reliable as they can be – but do make sure that there is a least one other person that can access the safe with fingerprint recognition – in the event of malfunctioning, you always have to have a backup plan.

The biometric gun safe has to be reliable, perhaps with a foam interior, high build quality, and interior led lights, and the locking systems have to be very secure. Fingerprint scans are by far the most reliable manner to keep your handgun away from another family member – as opposed if you just have a combination lock that everyone can guess.

Most importantly, the only thing that has to be stored in the biometric gun safe is the firearm – don’t put any valuables, documents, or flash drives in it.

The biometric handgun safes

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AweSafe Gun Safe

You can easily store two standard handguns or one larger pistol with extra ammo in this safe.

It has a reliable high-strength mechanism, which makes it impossible for anyone to open the safe with any tools. It can only be opened with a fingerprint or with the digital keypad on the front of the safe.

It has LED lighting inside to instantly help you to get your gun in any case of emergency – the door will also open quietly so no one will hear.

The box is small enough, and it can be stored by your bedside, in a closet, basement, or whichever location is more convenient for you. The safe box is light, and if you want, you can also take it on the road with you.

SentrySafe Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

This California DOJ-certified biometric gun safe provides storage for either two standard handguns or one large pistol with ammunition. It is one of the high-rated biometric safes sold.

It is ideal to use as a bedside gun safe, equipped with a gas strut to open the safe door instantly and quietly.  The safe is constructed with solid steel and has a pry-resistant door for strength. You will have quick access to your weapon, provided with led lights inside the safe. The interior light is bright enough to see the handgun but not bright enough to harm your eyes.

The design of the biometric safe is quite luxurious, and the safe is quite small – it weighs 16 pounds. It also requires four AA batteries to work – bear in mind they are not included in the box.  The company recommends using high-quality alkaline batteries that have an expiration date of 8-10 years.

The safe also has a digital keypad and an override key for backup entry – make sure you keep it safe.

The safe also has interior led lights – providing increased visibility when you have to access your gun.

Barska Biometric Safe

This biometric DOJ-approved gun-safe scanner can store 120 fingerprints that are easy to program. The safe has tamper-resistant edges and is made with durable steel, along with two built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts.

To ensure that the biometric gun safe has remembered your fingerprint, you will need to scan and save the fingerprint at different angles – diagonally, to the side, horizontally, and high and low.

It also has an optional silent mode – you can set it up, so nobody will hear when the safe is opening.

The biometric gun safe operates with four AA batteries that are included in the shipment – they will last you for about a year or about 10,000 scans.

The safe also has emergency backup keys – you need to remove the silver Logo plate screws with the wrench provided, and afterward, insert the key and turn clockwise.  With that function, if there is a malfunction of the device, you can always open it manually to access your gun.

Viking Security Safe

The perfect biometric safe should you wish to fit it between the studs of your walls – small, secure, quick access to your pistol, and compatible, it is one of the finest on the market.

The smart safe has a 500 DPI Optical sensor and a motorized 20mm deadbolt locking mechanism. You can decide whether you want to use the fingerprint reader to access it – or you can also opt-out for using the PIN code available. Both options are safe and secure, although the manufacturers do recommend using the biometric option for better protection and storage.

This biometric fingerprint safe can save up to 32 fingerprints or 1 code – your choice. It has a sound on/off button you can decide on – with that feature, intruders won’t hear the door safe opening. A big plus of this firearm safe is that it has a warning beep if the door is left unlocked for over a minute.

With its mobile pry-resistant design with steel construction, this safe is perfect for either home or office use – for whichever purposes you need to buy it.

Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Drawer Safe

This DOJ-approved biometric safe comes with 120 fingerprint memory that is easy to program.

It also has a silent mode for enabling stealthy home defense – intruders won’t hear anything when you open the safe door.

It is made with durable steel, tamper-resistant edges, and two built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts.

The safe can be easily fitted into a large drawer, as it comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware.

Tiger King Biometric Safe

This biometric fingerprint safe is made from durable, reinforced, double thickness steel that can only open with the touch of the fingerprint that can access it.

The safe also operates with a key or a password, with the three keypads, the safe has you can enter up to eight passcodes.

The safe’s system can remember as many as 32 fingerprints – be very wary of who will be able to open it beside you.

You can use the safe not only to keep your firearm away from your other family members but can also to store cash, jewelry, any important items that you may have. The safe is deeper and wider than the others in its class.

Viking Security Safe Mini

You can unlock this safe box by either a fingerprint or a PIN code – whichever you think is most secure for your household.

It has an upgraded optical sensor, deadbolt locking mechanism, and pry-resistant insertion slots.

It is incredibly easy to set up, and it can store up to 32 fingerprints and one PIN code. It also has a carpeted interior with a light and a removable shelf for better organization of your guns, important documents, etc.

With its modern design and versatile seize you can easily fit it anywhere in your household or office.

The safe also has a warning beep if the door is left unlocked for over a minute.

Barska Large Biometric Safe

This safe is quite similar to the others reviewed, however, the dimensions are quite bigger than the rest.

It requires four AA batteries to operate, and it can save up to 120 fingerprints in its memory. When placing the print on the scanner, the safe will open momentarily – two seconds, and you will have access to your gun.

Made with steel and state-of-the-art biometrics, this safe is very secure and will resist any tampering with it. No one will be able to open it if their fingerprint is not in the system.

It also has emergency access – it has a hidden keyhole with a set of keys, or you can plug the emergency battery pack for immediate access.

Billconch Biometric Gun Safe

This gun safe not only protects with a biometric scanner, but it also has password unlock, the key unlocks, you can even connect it to the Bluetooth app to unlock.

The high-quality biometric technology used provides fast recognition speed – the safe will open in 0.1 seconds, and it can also record 20 sets of fingerprints.

If you decide to connect the biometric safe to your Bluetooth app – with that function, you can unlock the safe, manage the unlocking fingerprint, change the passwords, and view the logs of previous records of login.

This biometric safe has built-in spring steel for more extended elasticity, and that increases the space in the safe – the gun capacity of the safe is two pistols.

The battery coming with the safe is long-lasting and high-quality – you can access the safe about 6000 times before the battery runs out. Also, when it is at 20 percent, the light on the safe will flash red, so you will have a rough idea of when you should charge it.

Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe

This biometric gun safe is the only one with a certified fingerprint sensor. One of the top biometric handgun safe you can buy. The biometric fingerprint scanner captures high-resolution fingerprint images to enhance recognition.  The TouchChip TCS1 silicon fingerprint sensor is larger than other biometric pistol safes have – ensuring that the safe will open fast.

With the included four double-A batteries, the pistol safe will operate for a very long, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them every other month or wondering if the safe will open when you need it. You will have undeniable quick access to your gun with this handgun safe.

Another advantage of this safe is that it has tamper alerts that are timestamped and logged. With that process, you will be informed if anyone that is unauthorized is trying to access the safe without your permission.

Made with solid steel construction, the fingerprint gun safe is FSD approved and engineered in the USA. With its easy user management, it stores forty fingerprints.

A significant advantage of the pistol safe is that it has backup keys – so if by any chance the biometric scanner stops working, you will have another measure to access the safe without a fingerprint. But that is highly unlikely, as this company ensures to give its customers the best there is.

What is a biometric gun safe?

Biometric gun safes, as opposed to simple safes, have biometric fingerprint sensors that scan one’s fingerprint in order to open up. That is a much simpler and safer option – rather than remembering combinations of numbers or looking for a key to open up the safe. You place your finger on the scanner, and the safe is open!

Considering that a lot of people opt out of buying a gun, mainly because of the reason that they have no place to keep it, or are scared that their kids may harm themselves, or that maybe the intruder will find the gun first.

These kinds of precautions always need to be taken into account – and the best manner to store your gun is in a biometric gun safe. You will be the only one that will have access to it – possibly one other if you want – so that you needn’t worry that something could go wrong.

Similar to nowadays, smartphones, the technology behind a biometric gun safe, will make you feel secure.

Biometric safes are usually powered with battery power, with a display that shows the battery life left.

The majority of the finest biometric gun safes are made of gauge steel and are pretty small – which makes it easy to put in below your bed or any other place that will be of close reach to you.

Locking up your gun is not something that every owner wants to do – but leaving it out in the open, in a drawer, or a table, could simply go wrong if the gun happens upon the wrong person’s hands.

If you are in a hassle, worried, or scared – the combination of your safe may suddenly disappear from your mind – or worse if you need to find a key to open your safe. That is why the best manner to store your firearm is in biometric safes – easy and fast to access.

What is the best brand of gun safes?

After researching the products reviewed previously in this article, the brand that offers the best biometric gun safes is perhaps Verifi Smart.

Verify Smart’s biometric safe scan is the greatest and most reliable sensor. The TouchChip TCS1 silicon fingerprint is the only sensor tested and certified by the FBI to meet the Next Generation Identification. The difference between other fingerprint scanners and the Verifi Smart one is that it is much larger, covering a bigger part of your thumb.

The fingerprint scanner works at a very high resolution, helping to capture more details of your finger, ensuring there is no room for mistakes. The 3D sensors work below the skin – it doesn’t matter if your finger is dirty, delicate, or worn – ensuring that the biometric gun safe will open anytime you need it.

This company offers anti-spoof capacitive sensors – they need to interact with living tissue in order to open the door to the safe – they can’t be fooled with photocopies, like others on the market.

Daily, of after every use, the safe-conducts a self-diagnostic test on the electronics and batteries. There is also battery health monitoring – if the batteries need replacing, you will get a three-day warning to do so.

You can also access event logs – that way, you see if anyone else is trying to open your safe or see alarms, diagnostic results, etc.

Also, if you leave the safe door open for more than a minute, an alarm will go off  – which comes in handy if you have children, and you need to keep your gun away from them.

This biometric safe comes with alerts and alarms in cases such as: if there is an unauthorized finger trying to open it if the backup key is used, if door bolts are jammed or if there is a self-diagnostic failure.

This brand also offers auto-lock – just close the safe door, and the safe is locked – note that you can disable that in the settings menu if you wish. The locking system is very secure.

The biometric safe also has a led light – the interior light is soft enough that it will not cause night blindness, but you can still see the contents of your safe.

Verify Smart is by far the best company you need to look at if you need to buy the top-rated biometric gun safe – used by all sorts of different government institutions, it will offer you the highest quality there is on the market.


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