7 Best Credit Card Knives For Survival – Are They Legal?

Have you ever wondered which could be the tool that is most widely used in different situations? It should be something that we use on an everyday basis and preferably small of a size, so it’s easy to carry around.

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Imagine arriving home from work late and having to take your dog for a nighttime walk. You have your wallet, phone, and keys.

As you move toward the nearest dog park, you see several people who are drinking and speaking loudly. They begin criticizing you and getting closer to you at the same time. You make the decision to contact someone to feel safer while images rush through your brain, only to discover that your battery is dead.

Don’t panic! Although credit card knives should be used more as a survival tool than as a weapon, they may also give you a sense of security and may even cause your enemies to back off.

Credit Card Knife

A credit card knife can be used as a self-defense tool because you can always carry it in your pocket or wallet (placed in the section where the credit cards are ) and use it in times like this. For this reason, you need to have the greatest unit available, and today we are about to show you our ideal top 7 picks! Let’s get started!

Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool

This product is not only a credit card knife but a multi-tool item with a brilliant design by the brand Victorinox which provides a guarantee for a lifetime against defects and a 2-year warranty on the case. No assembly is required. Payments are returned to the customer.

We, however, are sure it won’t come to that because once you see this suggestion, you’ll love it!

This card will provide you with not just one but ten different survival tools. You can’t imagine fitting it in your wallet, right? Well, the manufacturers found a way of folding it into one credit card. The blade is very easy to touch up and re-sharpen.

The same company makes the eminent swiss army knives. You can purchase it for your next adventure in nature or as a gift for your family on any occasion.

This award-winning item has free shipping in the USA, and its price is relatively low for its value – can it get any better than that…and we mean, come on, they make swiss army knives!

  • A pocket knife
  • Bright LED mini light
  • Magnifying glass
  • Scissors
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pin made from a stainless steel

Guardman Upgraded 12 in 1 Tool Card

A practical survival credit card knife under 20 dollars is a perfect way to give credit to your father on his special day or someone who likes to spend time outdoors. In case your son, boss, husband, fiance, or boyfriend enjoys fishing, camping, or hiking, this card knife would live up to their expectations for an ideal present.

This survival tool by Guardman is not precisely the size of a credit card but is one of the cheapest options on the internet with a high-quality blade. Still crafted to fit in one’s wallet like a credit card, it consists of 12 survival tools, which include a whistle, can opener, magnifying glass, and a fire starter.

The brand name is written on the cards in a funky way, making them look even cooler. Made of heavy plastic and metal, this one-of-a-kind credit card knife will last a long time.

  • Durable yet affordable
  • A jagged edge of the knife blade
  • Compass on a credit card (sounds cool, right?)
  • A survival spark magnesium fire starter
  •  5mm 6mm 7mm nut or bolt wrench built in the knife blade

BOKER Plus 01BO010 Credit Card Knife

This credit card folding knife can comfortably be worn in a shirt pocket, wallet, or around your neck. Its blade and plates have milled slots to reduce the weight, and thanks to its titanium liner, this piece of work provides a stable and reliable locking mechanism.

The Brooker credit card knife is definitely a thing to add to your survival kit. Different from a lot of other similar credit card knives in the market, it was created to expand carry options.

The BOKER Plus card with a survival knife is extremely modifiable. This credit card knife has a pocket clip that will help you take it around and is something that provides you with access to it at all times.

The credit for its extraordinary form goes to John Kubasek, a famous maker of blades from Massachusetts. It is produced in the Broker knife manufactory in Solingen, Germany, and the manufacturer offers excellent customer service.

  • Straight edge
  • 440C stainless steel
  • The handle slab is Titanium.
  • Folds easily
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Information on the blade: 2-1/4 in. blade length. 2-3/4 in. closed length. 1.1 oz. weight

Survco Tactical Credit Card Axe

This 21-function credit card knife quickly transforms into a Knife, Ax, Shovel, Tomahawk, Scraper, Skinner, Bottle Opener, Arrow, Saw, Spear, Seatbelt Cutter, Gas Valve, Water Valve Wrench, Spear-Thrower. Made by the brand Survco Tactical, it is built for durability and performance.

You might have many survival tools, but this one will beat them all. Many customers are happy with this survival credit card, with 21 functions in total. This is considered the top folding survival multi-tool on the market. It is durable due to its 304 stainless steel construction and looks completely badass.

  • Steel
  • Many tools combined in one
  • Affordable
  • Easy to operate

Alpha Outpost Survival Multitool 22-in-1 Card

This Alpha Outpost credit card knife has all you need to survive if you ever run into an emergency situation. The way it’s crafted makes it easy to be stored and carried. The package is a paperboard envelope – An eco-friendly option. If you like camping, fishing, hiking, and hunting, these ones are for you!

The amount of money you’ll pay is perfect, considering the fact that you’ll get 1x Fork, 1x Awl, 2x Saw Blades, 2x Sewing Needles, and 4x Snare Locks. And, as if that weren’t enough, you get 9 fish hooks. Did you hear that- nine! The card is made of durable steel and measures 4″W x 2″H.

  • Silver color
  • 22 gadgets
  • Ideal for survival circumstances
  • Sharp knife

SHARPCARDS™ Credit Card Knives

This essential credit card knife discreetly and simply fits into your wallet. With three simple folds, you get a functional utility knife with a surgical steel blade for lasting sharpness. It’s half the size of the typical knife and has the thickness of a credit card.

Once you have it, you will never question your preparedness in everyday life – its cutting edge opens boxes and plastic packaging and slices fruits and vegetables easily.

What we really liked about this gadget and its blade is that they are ultra-slim, yet very effective. The unit’s width is only 2mm, and it can easily fit your wallet. You also get built-in safety sheaths that prevent any physical injuries from the sharp edge.

If you have a problem folding it, the manufacturer provides a video that answers all your questions in detail.

  • Ultra-slim – the Width is only 2mm
  • A simple conversion in seconds
  • Hand Guard that is protective
  • Rust-proof

Garberiel 10 Pack Credit Card Knife

Ten credit card knives for 9.99 is the type of stuff you buy on Amazon only because the deal is right.

These survival units can be used as a weapon for a self-defense scenario and upgrade your general preparedness for all kinds of issues you encounter throughout your day. They are so cheap that there is no problem with losing one or two of them to TSA because you forgot there is a credit card knife in your bag.

These credit card knives are the perfect gifts for your family, friends, or other people you want to surprise with a handy survival credit card whose blade will cut cordage, food, serve as a weapon, etc.

This suggestion is definitely worth it and one of the best available nowadays. The material of this card is Polypropylene, and its body is layered with stainless steel for longevity and strength.

  • Polypropylene
  • Safety is on point – the blade is protected with a protective hilt.
  • Portable
  • Durable and practical
  • Affordable

Are Credit Card Knives Illegal in Canada?

The answer is Yes. Currently, they are illegal. According to the officials of Canada and the law, their purpose is not at all harmless. We suggest you don’t buy any of these survival kits if you live there because they could be confiscated.

Fortunately, owning and carrying them is legal in America. But, of course, the laws still prohibit bringing them to the airport. Except if you’re traveling by foot or a car, it’s better to leave your credit card knife at home with the rest of your survival gear.

Wrap Up

Imagine you are visiting a remote island, and you can take only three survival items with you? You will need a tool to help you gut fish and eat, another sharp one to build a place to live in and to make arrows or sharpen wood to defend yourself.

The credit card knife (its name suggests his credit card shape) is an item that can come in use in those three situations.

We believe everyone needs such a cool gadget. The essential part of credit card survival tools is not their shape and length but their blade.

There is a great variety of credit card knives on the internet, but some brands made sure that their credit card knives are on the top of the A-list.

Driven by the idea of saving you some time looking for excellent credit card knives with a sharp blade, quick fold, many survival tools, and build-in safety sheath, we’ve listed the top 7 products available online.

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