Lifestraw Review: The Ultimate Personal Water Filter and Bottle

We all know how exciting it is when you wake up with the thought of adventure, to challenge yourself and how far your abilities can reach.

To embark on a venture or just explore an unknown area, to challenge yourself in extreme conditions, or to climb to a place with an incredibly beautiful view is one of the most satisfying feelings.

It is essential to have access to drinking water whether trekking, climbing a mountain, venturing deep into a dense forest, or traversing an isolated area.

Regular water consumption is important for keeping the body hydrated. Keeping your body in top condition is essential for endurance activities. The issue here is that you can’t carry a lot of water, especially if you’re going on a multi-day journey.

Finding food and water in the surrounding area is another component of survival abilities, in addition to having extraordinary endurance and the proper direction.

As we know, H2O in natural water sources can be dangerous. Although it is not visible to the naked eye, the water could contain many bacteria, pesticides and herbicides, viruses, and microplastics. All these are dangerous for the human organism.

Here we are not just talking about ruining your vacation or missing the adventure but about falling into a hazardous situation for your health.

An essential condition is that the water you decide to use must be filtered and purified from the contamination that could be contained in it. Here is why we are here. Let’s check out the life straw review!

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Lifestraw Review

LifeStraw- The Personal Water Filter

This filter is a revolutionary water filtration system. The Lifestraw system filters the water while you are drinking. As you understand, it is just great for traveling, camping, backpacking and setting up emergency kits.

LifeStraw’s hollow fiber membrane removes all the bacteria and protozoa from rivers, lakes, or streams to provide you with safe and clean water. It also removes 99.9% of the waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of the H2O borne protozoan parasites without any chemicals, iodine, or batteries.

  • How does Lifestraw water filter work?

The item has a hollow fiber membrane with a microscopic pore size 0.2 microns, which traps bacteria, parasites, and microplastic.

The hollow fiber membrane can filter up to 1000 gallons, according to the manufacturer. It is supplemented with an activated carbon filter that absorbs contaminants like chlorine, bad odor, and bad taste.

This filter lasts up to 25 gallons, and it’s recommended to be changed every three months with regular use. That makes Lifestraw personal water filters an excellent water purifier for emergency use.

Your emergency kit will be completely ready with this really durable, 23-ounce bottle. It is 23-ounce and leak-proof, made of BPA-free Tritan, and features a food-grade silicone mouthpiece.

The replacement filters are available separately. But if you seek a lightweight, easy-to-use, and simple on-the-carry filter, then Lifestraw is your thing.

  • How to use a Lifestraw filter?

The Lifestraw personal filter is suitable for self-use on the go. Not many sеt-ups are required. You only need to find a water source that you can access.

Once you have found your water source, you just need to put lifestraw into the source and suck. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get anything after the first few pulls. This is because the water filter must first be filled with water before you can get water.

The wide intake and outlet provide you with a decent flow of clean water after the first few moments. If the water is cloudy, this becomes more difficult, and the flow is significantly reduced. The length of the filter doesn’t require you to put your face into the river or lake.

The filter works with sucking force, and the water reaches you instantly. You can drink directly from the water source. The filter doesn’t require the use of a container.

This is an excellent filtration system in case of emergency due to the independence from the use of any containers, as well as the non-imposition of the use of any cleaning chemicals.

The light design and low price make it very practical. This system seems quite reliable overall. It includes a few components, which makes it easy to maintain. Lightweight design and long service life are the most popular things said in other Lifestraw reviews.

Although Lifestraw does not require the use of an additional container, you must not forget that the system can’t store safe to drink water.

If you are planning to go through a long section where there may be no water sources, you will need to consider carrying a container with you. Of course, Lifestrew water bottles are the perfect solution in this situation.

Lifestraw Bottle

Having only the Lifestraw filter is enough for your needs, but why not to have the full set, so let’s look at the Lifestraw bottle review.

Using this Lifestraw product is really straightforward. You just need to unscrew the cap, fill the bottle with water from the source you have chosen, install the Lifestraw filter, screw it, and you are ready to drink clean and safe water.

The filter has two seals at the top. They are essential because when attached to the cap, the filter fits snugly and prevents the passage of water that has not been purified. You can trust the water bottle and the fact that by using it, there won’t be any possibility for you accidentally to swallow dirty water.

Another handy idea in the design is that when the filter is inserted, and the cap is screwed on, the filter doesn’t reach the bottom of the bottle. This allows trouble-free suction and entry of water into the filter.

Because the distance is small, the untreated water that remains in the bottle is minimal. But the peculiarity that will make you bother with this bottle is that when the Lifestraw filter is full and practically unusable, you can’t suck water through it. In this way, there is no danger of swallowing poorly purified water and endangering your health. Lifestraw has made sure this doesn’t happen.

The Lifestraw products are made in a way you can’t break them easily. You can’t deform the bottle if you squeeze it harder. It has a ring on the side, and with a holder, you can attach it to your backpack or belt. This way, your bottle is always at hand, and you save space in your luggage. The rubber coating of the straw can be replaced if it is damaged or worn.

Lifestraw water bottle completely removes the need for single-use plastic water bottles. It is available in two sizes – 22oz and 1L. This way, you have the opportunity to choose the one that would be most convenient for you and suitable for the endeavor you are embarking on.

You could use it everywhere, international travels, hiking, camping trips, playing sports, survival, and also in your everyday life.

By using the lifestraw water filter, you avoid the use of plastic bottles of water. In addition to saving you money, this is also good for nature, which in turn is a significant task for every responsible person.

Wrap Up

The globalization of the world offers a lot of opportunities for work and adventure. Whether you need to travel on a business journey, go on vacation or plan to embark on an adventure, Lifestraw water bottles and filters will be your faithful friend.

You can now start exploring unfamiliar areas, traveling to distant countries without worrying about problems caused by drinking polluted water. It doesn’t matter if you fill it with tap water, from a puddle in the forest, river or stream. As a result, you will always have tasty and safe drinking water.

With free to carry extra containers, you can just kneel on the ground and drink directly from the stream. Feel the closeness of mother nature, without fear of the dangers that hide beneath the surface.

Experience the satisfaction of being a survivor and challenging yourself. Just put the Lifestraw in your luggage, fasten it to your belt or backpack, and you are prepared for any survival situations. Challenging yourself no longer carries the potential dangers of drinking water from unchecked sources.

You do not need to weigh down your luggage by carrying large amounts of water; all you need is enough Lifestraws. However, you will be sure that the water you drink is clean and safe.

People all over the world trust this product and enjoy the benefits of it, as evidenced by the many positive comments in life straws reviews.

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