The Ultimate Preppers List – All You Need to Survive

Preppers List

If you want to feel safe and you are thinking about doomsday preparations, you are in the right place. It is always better to prepare for anything while thinking about the worst thing that could happen. And then, hope for the best.

But preparing for doomsday can be a difficult task, especially if you are a beginner in surviving and adventures.

There are several important items that you should look into and think about include on your list. Even if some of them can appear minor, everyone is ultimately looking for them. Additionally, if you prepare for the worst-case scenario, your list of emergencies, no matter what kind or scale, will be covered.

In this survivalist guide, we will explain which are the top things you should get and WHY you should get them. If you want to be a prepper to survival – keep scrolling down and check our list.

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5-Gallon Water Containers

One of the right ways to stock up on water is by using plastic containers. But why should you choose these? Each of the six boxes in this pack can hold up to 5 gallons. They are built from BPA-free plastic to keep the light out and ensure to avoid and control the altar growth. Plus, they are stackable and robust.

You can, of course, choose bigger size containers (for example, 50-gallon one) but think of how hard it will be to move it around if you will need to change places or if an evacuation is necessary. It is almost impossible.

The 5-gallon model ( with size: 15 x 10 x 12 inches) would be a more comfortable and more convenient way to carry and stock up your drinking water as its weight when full is less than 40lbs.

In addition, containing the supplies is not a thing to underestimate. If the water stops running, you will be forced to use some of your supplies for hygiene needs as well. If all of your water is stocked in one place, it is highly possible to be contaminated easily. To avoid this – use the 5-gallon containers – each is separate.

Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System

This water filter is capable of removing up to 99.999% of all contaminants that can be found in the water. While you are doomsday prepping, you should consider liquid storage. But you should always think of accessing clean water after the disaster as well.

The best way to get clean water after any kind of emergency (or during) is to look for a water filter. The Alexpure Pro one might be the ultimate choice for this purpose. It can be the perfect choice for the whole family because it can produce up to 5000 gallons of purified liquid.

This filtration system is built from stainless steel, which means it will serve you well and long. It uses four filters at once and pre-primed filters. It is easy and straightforward to assemble. The favorite part is that they don’t need any electricity to purify the water.

The manufacturer considered the worst survival scenario while creating this purification system. Its filters can be replaced in a minute. Plus, the filter life is extended, which makes it perfect for daily use. To ensure your satisfaction with the product, Alexpure offers a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee.

Valley Food Storage One Month Food Kit

The minimum calories needed for a person per day can vary according to age, weight, movement, and gender. However, the minimum considered by the manufacturer is 1200 kcal for women and 1500 kcal for men.

In this premium set, you will find buckets full of a variety of breakfast, lunch, fruits, vegetables, and protein ( including peanut butter). The premium kit contains 38 full-sized bags, accommodated in 2 waterproof buckets with lids. This makes about 300 servings and 50 000 calories in total.

The breakfast kit can include different kinds of oatmeal, while the lunch ones included contain a variety of dishes right in carbohydrates (like rice, potatoes, and pasta) and soups. You will find different dried foods and vegetables in the relevant selections and dried meat and dehydrated milk in the protein one.

An important thing to say is that in this set, you will not find any GMOs or preservatives. The food is healthy, and every ingredient is 100% clean. Besides, food kits can be stored for years ahead. All of these features make the Valley Food Storage kit ideal for long-term emergency situations prep.

CampStove 2 by Bio Life

In the worst-case scenario, we have to face that we wouldn’t be able to cook our meats in the standard way. You might not have access to gas or electricity for a long time ahead. In such cases, we advise storing firewood. This way, you can quickly build natural fires for cooking and warming.

With this Bio Stove, you can quickly cook or heat your meals or boil water. Also, you can generate power and electricity from the heat. This way, you can charge your gear or cell phones quickly and efficiently.

The ability of this stove to become an energy source can help in many different situations as well. Here is why you need this Camp Stove for your bug-out bag.

This Bio Life Stolve can burn sticks, wood scraps, or pellets. To be honest, this item can serve you well not only for your doomsday preps but even if you like camping or outdoor living. It is like a multi-purpose investment.

Survival Cave Food – Chicken Jumbo Cans

Firstly we want to highlight about these cans is that their shelf-life is 25 years! This will provide you with the confidence to buy in bulk and store it in your survival leader.

But what ensures that the products will last longer? The meat is cans raw, and then it is pressure-cooked. This makes a huge difference comparing them to the grocery store ones, which have a shelf-life of about 18 months.

The ingredients are simple – meat and a pinch of salt. Note that you will not find any GMO, gluten, preservatives, or chemicals. This makes these meal cans perfect for your whole family, including your children. You can heat it before eating, but you can also consume it cold if you have no way of heating it.

1 case of 12 cans x 12oz can provide up to 108 savings, which can be enough for your whole family for more than seven days. This can turn up as an investment if you end up needing it. It will prevent starvation and will give you fuel to continue surviving.

All American Sun Oven

Solar power has been used since ancient times for cooking and providing energy. Nowadays, it is convenient and easy to use the Sun thanks to this Sun Oven. It is a MUST in your preppers list. It will work well, even in partly cloudy areas.

This All American Sun Oven can be used not only for cooking but for heating water for sanitizing tools or applying first aid. This oven will ensure you will be able to prepare your meals without needing to supply liquid or gas fuel. Just use the power of the Sun.

It is made from mirror anodized aluminum reflectors. You can set it up in a few minutes. Also, the product is easy to carry and use. Plus, it can reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The manufacturer of the Sun Oven ensures years of trouble-free use so that you can use it on a non-emergency camping trip as well. No matter if you are prepping for doomsday or just want to get a reliable cooking solution make sure to get yours now!

Rain Barrel by Mirainbarrel

You need to wash your hands often, which will decrease the chance of infections and diseases spreading. Another way of keeping all the bacteria away from you is by using a hand sanitizer, but we all know how such products dry our hand skin.

The fastest and easiest way to store additional water is by getting a rainwater collection system. During a prolonged emergency, you make sure to have extra storage of rainwater for different purposes.

In case of that you are not living near a water source, this can be the ultimate solution for your needs. Staying clean and fresh has an impact on your health and confidence level, and this should not be forgotten during hard times.

This barrel is made from a food-grade drum, so the water inside will be clean and useful for washing your dishes, fruits, or vegetables. It is sealed with 100% waterproof silicone caulk. It is easy to set up and large with a 58-gallon capacity. The ‘walls’ of this barrel are 3 / 8 inches thick, which will ensure it can last for years ahead.

Clorox Performance Bleach

Another essential part of doomsday prepping is hydrogen peroxide. A well-known fact is that a small amount of bleach in your water can purify it and remove the most harmful contaminants. It has many other uses as well. It is a disinfectant and can clean a lot of batteries or germs on plastic surfaces, even your kids’ toys.

You can use it to sanitize almost everything. Colored Bleach is recommended for the disinfection of facilities. The bleach is cheap, and you can buy it in bulk. Plus, a minimal amount is needed for disinfection and purifying the water.

This pack includes three bottles of 121oz. It is an essential part of your preppers list because you should make sure that during an emergency, you will be able to keep the things clean and disinfected to protect your family.

This multi-purpose product should be a part not only of your prepper supplies but also of your home defense against the million bacteria and viruses.

Nature Made Multivitamin Complete Tablets

Ensuring the right intake of nutrients is vital to support your health and wellness. In processed and dried foods, these vitamins and minerals are lowered, due to heat-processing.

Your organism must keep getting them to ensure your immune system will work as it should. And this is the reason why these multivitamin tables can be a part of your preppers file.

Nature Made Tablets have 23 essential nutrients that will provide the needed daily nutritional support. They include vitamin D3 and iron. As you know, Vitamin D will provide support to your bones, muscles, and teeth. It will also improve your immune health.

Vitamins C and E can have antioxidant functions, which will help to decrease the free radicals in the body and, again, help support the immune system.

The manufacturer recommends storing it in a dry, cool place for an optimal duration. Each pack contains 130 tablets, and only one pill is needed for an adult per day.

Final thoughts

Regardless of what you are preparing for, no matter if it is for a long-term or short-term emergency, the first thing you would need to think of is the water. It is a well-known fact that humans can survive at most three days without water.

But for many people that don’t know, this timeframe can be affected (lowered) by many factors. You might not be worried about the water supply because you live near a water source like a river?

In some catastrophe scenarios, the water supplies can be restricted or dry. And as is common knowledge, your body needs water to stay hydrated in order to function. Water is thus number one on every prepper’s list. No exclusions, you must be sure you stock up!

Just like water, food is an essential part of surviving. The human needs to replace the burnt calories to function correctly. In the worst case, a person can survive without eating up to 21 days, but after the second day, the body will be exhausted, and you will end up in agony.

Starvation may cause your life to end far more painfully than dehydration can. For this reason, you want to think about storing up on food at least a month in advance. Additionally, it is advised that the food you need to keep be able to be stored without the need of energy.

Your food choice should be high in protein, and carbohydrates, to keep you full for longer.

Of course, there are plenty of other things that should be included in your doomsday prep list. You need to get first aid supplies and hygiene items, which will ensure, you can protect your loved ones if anything goes wrong. You also need to consider getting sleeping bags.

A sleeping bag might be essential for your survival if you have to spend the night outside, especially if it’s cold. It’s important to remember to wear warm clothing as well. Tools, flashlights, duct tape, and fire starters should also be provided because they come in handy frequently. In the worst-case scenario, you can utilize any self-defense tools you can acquire.

Wrap Up

In these reviews, we have covered the most important list items that you should have for emergency preparedness.

All of the things required can vary for each person and family needs. And since disasters can be different, affecting various aspects, you need to focus on the highest-priority items first. Then, after supplying them, you will have the time to get the others one by one with the time.

You will build your prep list in no time, and in the end, you will be confident to face whatever happens. While making this guide, we were thinking of the worst and praying for the best. We hope that after reading our reviews of the top items for your survival list, you are now prepared for doomsday.

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