The 15 Best Tactical Pens of 2023 Reviews

The tactical pen is part of everyday personal equipment, but it can also save lives in unforeseen situations. Rejecting an attacker is neither easy nor difficult with this instrument in hand.

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In case you cannot react with your firearm, do not have a bullet in the barrel, or for several other reasons, the tactical pen can help you. It acts as a weapon in self-defense and survival.

It has a metal construction of aluminum, steel, or dense duty titanium, is equipped with a pressurized ink cartridge, and is easy to carry in the pocket or belt of the equipment. For those who want to enrich their knowledge and increase their wearing capabilities, I present to you the fifteen best used tactical pens on Amazon.

What is a Tactical Pen?

The tactical pen is one of the possibilities for hidden weaponry for protection. It looks like an ordinary ballpoint pen, but at the same time, it is very large but quite compact. The body of the tactical pen has a pronounced striking surface.

Sometimes the handle cap is equipped with a special glass switch. Its body is made of steel, titanium, or aluminum aircraft. This is a bone-type percussion weapon, which is one of the options for Javara or Kubotan. It is designed to hit vulnerable points of the human body. Sometimes the handle cap is equipped with a special glass switch.

As a result, we have a pen adapted to be worn in an urban environment, which is not raised by the guards in public places. In a jacket or belt pocket, the classic tactical pen looks very challenging. And as practice shows, what we can’t carry with us all the time remains on the shelf.

But the tactical pen can be carried freely in the pocket of a jacket, jeans, or purse. The main thing is that the pen fits comfortably in your hand and you like the design. Second – the manufacturers of tactical pens of famous brands, including not only good tactical specifications but also a solid design.

The quality gap between the originals and their Chinese counterparts is narrow. Tactical pens make it simple to breeze through airport security’s initial bag check. An intriguing feature of some models is a “DNA collector” at the end of the handle, which can scrape an attacker, leaving skin samples on the teeth.

This will be useful for identifying the offender in the future. These variants include a very secure clasp that lets you tuck the handle away in a back pocket. Where no one will be able to see it but you. The pen’s air of refined sophistication belies its unyielding nature in times of crisis.

It’s for everyone who, for whatever reason in their lives, could benefit from having someone they can trust and talk to about anything in peace and quiet.

Can a Tactical Pen Kill?

A modern but controversial accessory is the so-called “tactical pen.” Recently, “tactical” things are usually in vogue: tactical knives, tactical backpacks, tactical boots, tactical pants, and tactical gear sticks. I don’t know what tactics the marketers will apply next time.

The tactical pen is a writing instrument, and at the same time, it’s a very effective weaponry for protection. The tactical pen leads to and from its pedigree. It is said that the kubotan is a weapon that the American guards use, which, despite its military appearance, even a 50-kilogram girl can easily apply.

The guards, who know from their own experience how serious this weapon is, are doing everything possible to block citizens’ access to it. But the good producers came to the aid of the citizens and disguised the Cubans under a harmless pen.

Now everyone has the opportunity to get legal weapons. I don’t consider the pen a weapon at all. I readily believe that if it gets stuck in the attacker’s eye, he will feel bad.

As for civilian use, in a real situation, the effective use of the pen is possible over extremely short distances, but if it is effective, then for your opponent, it will most likely end in penetrating wounds, broken facial bones, and broken teeth, which due to the legal consequences for you are generally no different from the damage caused by a knife.

The “impact crown” is located at the other end of the handle. It has a modest default closure. What you see here is the apex of the blow.

If a bully approaches you, you can scratch his entire face with this corona, at which point he will run away in shock, and you can use the blood on the pen to help the guards identify the perpetrator. Absolutely everyone ought to be awestruck.

The tactical pen is a small, portable percussion weapon made to target certain body areas. Since the pen is not technically a lethal weapon and does not look menacing, it can be kept on you at all times. Hitting the attacker where their joints meet their bodies (the collarbone, armpit, or floating ribs) will instantly stop the assault.

And blows to the temple or nose will send the attacker to the next world. The lesions attacked are the temple, nose, clavicle, and all floating joints. With good luck, the spine or inner thigh.

What is the Point of a Self-Defense Pen?

It allows you to effectively face a more physically developed opponent. Hitting the joints, clavicle, armpit, or floating ribs will very quickly repel the attacker. Due to the fact that the carrying of weapons is prohibited by law, so-called special purpose pens have appeared on the market for tactical goods.

When choosing a tactical pen, you need to pay attention to several factors. But the choice is dictated by the preferences of the individual, his taste, and the characteristics he needs. You need to choose famous and reliable brands because we are talking mainly about protection, not just a stylish accessory.

You should evaluate the handle as you would evaluate the handle of a combat knife – it should not slide in your arm, it should not be fragile, but it should be comfortable and ergonomic to make sense to apply it. Sturdiness is important, so carefully study the quality of the assembly and the material of the pen.

The size of the pen is also crucial. It should not be too long so that it does not just get stuck in a pocket, sleeve, etc. And at the same time, not so small as to get lost there and not be able to do any harm to the attacker. Depending on the size of the palm, it is necessary to choose the length of the pen so that, if necessary, it serves as a good weapon for protection.

Look at how well the pen clip works to keep it attached to your gear or clothing. Like the rest of the tactical pen, the point serves a specific function and must be in line with the pen’s overall design. Evaluate the weapon’s penetration and whether or not you can safely wear it on your own.

Ideally, it wouldn’t be overly blunt or too pointed at the tip. However, it needs to last for a while. The pen is more likely to be used during guard training. Regularly, you’ll have to pry people apart who are clinging, putting on the floor the detained, terrified, and inebriated. And the pen can aid unbuttoned hands adhering to the grid, on the floor, to control detentions, etc.

However, civilians are never safeguarded in this way. Why not put your money on one that can actually save your life if something goes wrong? The tactical pen’s sturdy base makes it a trustworthy travel companion on nights when navigating unfamiliar, dark streets and a useful tool for breaking glass in urgent situations.

All you have to do is put it in front of you during negotiations, and everyone around you will start “playing your whistle,” and it makes sense to apply it.

Tactical Pen

Let’s see the best tactical pens on Amazon:

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

The Atomic Bear tactical pen has a lightweight and straightforward design that slides in hand and is an ideal protection tool against a fatal blow. This tactical pen has a tight, sturdy cap and a double click at both ends.

This self-defense weapon offers a practical shell, high-class protection, a lifetime warranty, and a black ink cartridge delivered in original packaging for your comfort. You will feel an even, smooth and continuous transfer of ink. The tactical pen is loaded with ink refills from Atomic Bear, Parkersburg’s, Fisher Space.

It is made of a durable military class and is protected from rust. You will feel comfortable when writing and agility when defending. The tactical pen gives you security in places where weapons are prohibited. The tactical pen is legal in Singapore.

It is equipped with a real glass breaker tip to break the glass of a car with a lightning strike. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen is a perfect and unique self-defense tool, perfect for the car, desired by security guards, police, military, mobsters, wives, and more. The pen is widely applied.

Tactical Pen For Self-Defense With LED Tactical Flashlight

If you want to defend yourself against attackers with this tactical pen in the modern style, this is the best choice of protection. There are many self-defense pens, but you must choose one and always carry it with you.

The tactical pen is a perfect addition for everyday carry. It is convenient to carry in your pocket, wallet, laptop bag, backpack, and other places. These tactical tools are a choice for a unique gift to your father, grandfather, or uncle – desired by wives and girlfriends.

The unique tactical pen is equipped with a led light and window breaker, which is used to break a window on the run. Perfect writing and survival weapon for military and naval officers, police officers, pilots, and many other professions, and for everyday use.

Whit the aircraft’s aluminum body, this pen has perfect strength. Use tactical pens, charge them with standard refills, have a 1-year guarantee, and 100% satisfaction. The pen is widely applied.

Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen 

This practical, tactical pen is designed for everyday carry and extraordinary situations. It is used as an ideal tool and can be attached to a shirt, trouser pockets, rucksack, bag, and notebook and be part of personal survival equipment. It has a design protected against slipping and excellent traction.

It is made of the highest class aluminum, designed for aircraft, which gives it strength. You will feel easy continuous and even transfer from the inkwell when writing. This pen is legal in Singapore.

In the packet, one tactical pen, six refills, and 1-year warranty are included. The tactical pen is used to break the car’s emergency glasses, and it’s the best choice for travel and everyday use.

Rite In The Rain Weatherproof Black Metal Tactical Clicker Pen

The tactical pen is used for self-defense in an attack to neutralize a devastating blow. This is the brand’s ideal pen for all possible wet conditions. It writes through water, grease, and mud smoothly, continuously, and efficiently. The cartridge fills the pen with its ink, which does not reach water or air in extreme conditions.

It is preferred by professionals exposed to extremely wet settings and for everyday use. The tactical pen is the best of its kind due to its use for atmospheric pressure sittings conducted at temperatures from -30F to 250F, underwater up to 35 feet, and at any angle. The pen is legal in Singapore.

It has advantages over other tactical pens. It is used to protect frying from rain or flooded and muddy terrains. It provides security in places where weapons are prohibited. The pen is widely applied.

Smith & Wesson 2BK 5.8 Tactical Pen

If you sit in the office 12 hours a day, five days a week, then the Smith & Wesson tactical pen can provide you with a little fun as you sift through the many documents and attend tiring meetings of the team of employees.

This instrument has a unique design and is made of aluminum aircraft alloy T6061. For your comfort, the pen is equipped with a pocket clip at the peak and makes it accessible, practical, and comfortable to wear and everyday use. The cartridge is loaded with Schmidt P900M Parker Style.

Use where weapons are banned. Offered a lifetime warranty and is legal in Singapore. The pen of this brand is high class and is preferred and recommended for protection and against destructive impact. The pen is widely applied.

Tactical Pen – Self Defense Weapons

The primary mission of Hardcore Hardware is to create high-performance tactical equipment for military, law enforcement, and other public safety and civilian personnel who value quality tools. Among their selection of folding knives, fixed knives, and tactical tomahawk is their line of tactical pens.

Their flagship tactical pen TWI-02 is made of black anodized aluminum. It features an axial rotation for better grip, a steel tip for breaking glass, a steel pocket clip, and compatibility for refilling ink with a Fisher Space pen. Smooth, continuous, and even transfer of ink from the cartridge.

You will appreciate the perfect smoothness of the technical writing instrument. The tactical multifunction pen provides certitude and is used in extreme cases in self-defense against harmful impact to scare or protect from predators where weapons are prohibited.

The use of the tactical pen is banned in Singapore. The strength of the aluminum pen allows you to break machine casements. At night it is convenient in combination with a pocket lantern—an ideal and valuable present idea for father, grandfather, uncle, brother, and many other jobs.

Schrade Scpenbk 5.7 In Black Aluminum

One of our favorite tactical pens on the market features a solid 6061 T6 CNC machined aluminum with a refilled ink cartridge. Safe self-defense tactical pen with a convenient pocket clip at the top and black aluminum screws, making it desirable for worn and for everyday use. It creates confidence that it will work when needed to take effect.

The practical technical tool is used in regions where weapons are prohibited but not kill. No legal is used in Singapore. Preferred present for the military, police, pilots, wives, and girlfriends.

The excellent pen includes replaceable black Schmidt P900 Parker Style ball cartridges and a built-in starter, making it a favorite choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

SWPENMP2BK 5.8in Aircraft Aluminum Refillable Tactical Screw Cap Pen

The tactical pen Smith & Wesson is a perfect choice that relies heavily on a smartphone or tablet during the day because of the built-in stylus edge. Pocket, screw on the top, top for personal protection, which makes it ideal for everyday wear.

The tactical pen is a modest means of everyday carry that will always be at hand and does not arouse suspicion in others. Ergonomic shape and distinctive grooves provide a secure grip. The tool allows you to strike or press on the nerve points of the attacker but does not kill.

It is used in regions where weapons are prohibited. As a means of defense, the tactical pen is not legal in Singapore. It is worn with confidence that it will is comfortable to wear and will fulfill its purpose when it is necessary to use a stylus or for writing. This product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

CRKT Williams Tactical Pen 2

The smartest are the ones who think ahead. That’s where the tactical survival pen, designed by James Williams in California, comes into play.

It may be misleading, but by nature, a situation that requires self-defense is unexpected. Intended as a protective pen in regions where firearms are banned, it is one of the top tactical pens produced by the brand.

There is no legal enforcement in Singapore. The tactical pen has a unique design and is made of durable, anodized aluminum alloy for T6061-type aircraft.

The body is smooth, and you have a pleasant feeling of sliding and agility when handling it. The practical, tactical pen has a replaceable cartridge and a one-year limited guarantee. The pen is widely applied.

Smith & Wesson SWPENBK 5.7in Aircraft Aluminum

Most tactical pens have a specific type of construction made of aluminum alloy or steel. Other tactical pens are worthy of everyday carry.

The reliable protective enclosure Smith & Wesson is one of them. If this is the only means of defense available to you, it is permissible to do maneuvers for self-defense and rescue victims by breaking glass in rescue operations. They are used in regions where weapons are prohibited.

Tactical pens are not legal in Singapore. Used for protection but does not kill. Very reliable enclosure with a convenient bracket for a shirt pocket, bag, rucksack, etc. It is loaded with black ink cartridges, Schmidt P900M Parker Style.

It has the characteristics of a tactical pen that always writes anywhere thanks to the round and the smooth, continuous, and secure transfer of the cassette. It is a birthday present for the father, grandfather, uncle, women, and representatives of various professions.

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

A team of Gerber specialists, after decades of experience and making tools with valuable contributions from martial personnel, developed the improvised tactical pen Gerber Impromptu.

The product is made in the USA and is used for taking notes, used to break a glass window or protecting against unexpected attacks and other situations of self-defense. There is a way to protect yourself from danger when you least expect it.

Made of machined stainless steel with a tempered tip design, this is one of the brand’s best tactical pens. Its corps is like an aluminum corps of a plane with a pocket clip and a button mechanism. Like other protective tools and writing tools, it easily fits in your pocket like an ordinary pen and becomes part of your everyday life and work.

The tactical Gerber Impromptu pen is part of the routine. According to a US study, the essential item you can carry in your hand turns out to be a pen. This type of protective pen is designed for more than just writing.

The pen is used in areas where weapons are banned but does not kill. It is not used legally in Singapore. The designed comfortable pen can write in all settings, indoors and outdoors, with a refilled ink cartridge.

Suitable present for martial and naval officers, police, pilots, wives, and girlfriends.

Rite In The Rain All-Weather Durable Clicker Pen

The tactical pen of this brand is ideal for all unforeseen incidents of self-defense and survival in severe and emergency sittings in a car, field, office, indoors or outdoors, for any problem that requires its application.

It is different from other types in length and size, respect for the model, sturdiness, and excellent technical characteristics. The ink cartridge is used in all atmospheric sittings under pressure at temperatures from -30F to 250F, underwater up to 35 feet, and at any angle.

When writing, you will feel smooth, continuous, and secure ink transfer. The ink delivery system provides certitude in extremely wet sittings and does not leak air and water into the cartridge compared to other pens. The brand’s tactical pen is approved for protection and is offered as a not killing.

It is where the carrying and utilization of firearms is prohibited and in Singapore is not legal. Perfect gifts for the martial, police, pilots, friends, wives, girlfriends, and other jobs. The packet includes a lifetime guarantee.

Smith & Wesson 6.1in Aircraft Aluminum Refillable Tactical Pull Cap Pen

Smith and Wesson are focused on creating knives and tactical pens with the same quality and prestige as Smith and Wesson’s firearms. Whether you are a person who collects knives or you are a professional or a fan of tactical pens, you can unreservedly trust our information and rely on us in any situation.

If you need a robust design of an uncovered fixed blade, multifunction pen, tactical pencil, ballpoint pen, writing pen, or self-defense tools, we have a solution and suggestion. Tactical pens are used in regions where guns are banned. They are not legal in Singapore.

The tools offered are loaded with thumb buttons, safety locks, ergonomic handles, and opening functions. The Smith and Wesson tactical pen is made with excellent quality materials and is designed with sturdiness, but not designed to kill.

It has a length of 6.1 inches (15.5 cm) and a weight of 1.4 ounces. It is made of aluminum alloy for T6061 aircraft. The convenient and practical pocket clip provides quick and easy access via a retractable slot, making the pen ideal and suitable for everyday wear.

Keep in mind that it will come into effect when needed, and will protect you when necessary. The unique tactical pen of Smith and Wesson is filled with black ink cartridges with Schmidt P900M ink. The offered packet includes a limited lifetime guarantee.

Schrade Scpen 4BK 5.9 In Aluminum Refillable Screw-Off Tactical Pen

If you want to have confidence and cope with emergency setups, the tactical pen designed and made especially for this purpose, came to your aid. Quick and easy to access from a shirt pocket, bag, or rucksack, you can utilize its tip to break the crystal.

This pen will impress with its perfect model and protective feature, but it doesn’t kill. The martial, navy, and police used it for survival. It is made of machined aluminum 6061 T6. The brand is proud of this pen and is applicable for outdoor adventures, hiking, camping, and any other activities.

It has a length of 5.9 inches (15 cm) and a weight of 1.7 ounces. You are used in regions where weapons are prohibited. It is not legal in Singapore. The packet also includes a lifetime guarantee.

Tactical Pen For Self Defence Rechargeable Waterproof Cree

The multifunctional tactical pen has a different vision from other tactical means of writing and protection. It includes a rechargeable lamp with a light head T10 and uses CREE XP G2 with a built-in USB rechargeable port and has no additional battery.

There are two lighting modes and a maximum power of up to 130 lumens. It is specially designed and made of a glass switch with a tactical head made of hard tungsten steel. Convenient to carry and smooth writing, the pen is made of hard and anodized aluminum aircraft alloy and is an IP68 waterproof cartridge.

Great to utilize, preferred for window breaking in emergencies, and one of the best tactical pens for daily wear and care and can be used in heavy rain or other extreme conditions. This writing and protective enclosure are not legal in Singapore.

Somewhere in regions where the carrying of weapons is prohibited, the utilization of this tactical pen is permitted – a practical gift for birthdays, retirements, and other festive moments. The pocket also includes a lifetime quality guarantee.


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