7 Best Water Storage Tanks for Homes – Water for Long Term Survival

Did you know that at least 60% of your adult body is made of water? Fascinating, huh! Another interesting fact is that a person can survive without food for approximately three weeks, but when it comes to drinking water, the situation is completely different.

Maybe because of the fact that our body consists mainly of water, we can go without drinking water for no more than 4 days. Therefore, you have to be prepared for any unexpected situation, and you need to have the perfect tanks for water storage in your house.

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Water Storage Tanks for Homes

You can decide between portable water storage tanks or water storage tanks for potable water that have a storage capacity bigger than 50 gallons of water. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

However, it might be challenging to choose the greatest emergency water storage tank because there are so many ideas online, and not all of them are high-quality.

We have gathered the best items available right now, products that might genuinely save your life. Make sure to thoroughly read our reviews before selecting the product that best meets your needs.


Having a few water storage containers in your home is essential, and since this first suggestion can store 5 gallons of water, it is the ideal portable decision for any emergency situation. It is big enough to meet all of your needs; still, it is portable, and you will be able to easily take it out of your basement and carry it to your kitchen.

This Legacy water storage tank is made of heavy-duty plastic that is food-grade and weighs around 40lbs when full of water. As we said, it is very compact due to its unique design and built-in handle. With this tank, storing water will be super easy. Its blue color will also keep light out, which means you won’t experience any algae growth.

With this water storage tank, you also get a vent cap and a 3/4 inch threaded opening. The dimensions of the container are 15″H x 10″W x 12″D. If you choose to get the 10-gallon kit, you will also receive a spigot that you can attach directly to the provided cap to make pouring even easier.

Stackable WaterBrick Containers

These Stackable WaterBrick containers may seem a bit too expensive, but you get 10 tanks for water, so it is definitely worth it. Each container is made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) and has a mouth opening of approximately 3.2 inches. This means that filling it will be super easy.

The two interior conical reinforcement columns are also a great addition to the design of these water reservoirs. When it comes to emergency water storage, water reservoirs like these are a must! They are easy to stack but keep in mind that the recommended stack height is 4 feet.

Besides a comfortable handle, each unit has a watertight lid with a rubber gasket that will keep all contaminants out of your water. With these tanks, water will be something your household has in abundance.

The greatest part is that you could use these emergency water storage tanks for storing other dry goods, such as rice or sugar. This suggestion meets all FDA standards and is BPA-free.

BayTech Containers 55 Gallon Blue Water Barrel

What we really liked about this next suggestion on our list is that it can be used for both potable water and rainwater. This is a great advantage since you won’t have to spend more money on barrels for rainwater collection systems.

This BayTech container is available in different sizes- 15, 30, and 55 gallons, and all of the sizes are UN-DOT certified and very sturdy.

We tried the 55-gallon model, and we were very impressed with its smart design. It features a non-removable top, and you pour water inside by using two 2″ bungholes. The unit also has one coarse thread that is 63mm big and 1 Fine thread.

In terms of maintenance, you also won’t have any problems since this model is easy to work with and to clean.

The dimensions of this BayTech water storage tank are 23″ X 23″ X 35,” and it weighs around 22lbs. The one thing we did not like, however, was the fact that the water barrel is shipped with no box or covering, which means that it can easily get scratched or damaged, even before it reaches its shipping destination.

Still, for the price, we would say this is one of the top and most affordable emergency water storage tanks available on the market nowadays.

WaterPrepared 320-Gallon Emergency Water Storage

Well, if you look for a water storage tank that is bigger than you, you’ve just found it. With these 320-gallon water storage tanks, you will be ready to face any water emergency. Each unit has a capacity of 160 gallons of water, so if there’s any problem with your water supply, you can easily survive 160 days in an emergency, drinking water from this container.

We really loved the level of protection this water reservoir offers. It is reinforced with a sturdy plastic (not like the one plastic bottles have, obviously) that is UV-resistant and will not leach chemicals. This water reservoir will keep your water ready for consumption, and when it is time to clean it, you also won’t encounter any difficulties.

Since these water storage tanks are quite big, you probably won’t be able to store them in your basement; therefore, your garden may be the better option.

With these emergency water storage tanks, you get large tank caps and standard spigots. The stackable design is also a great advantage since it is very convenient, whereas the valves offer great flexibility in the usage of your emergency water storage systems.

RomoTech Vertical Polyethylene Reservoir

If you want a heavy-duty water storage tank that will ensure you have enough water even in the most dangerous of situations, this RomoTech polyethylene unit is just what you need. It has a 550-gallon storage capacity and very solid construction that can withstand different weather.

This water reservoir has graduation marks both in liters and gallons, and you will be able to see the amount of water inside every time you look at it. Rainwater storage systems, though, are something else, and this product cannot be buried underground and used as water systems for rainwater collection.

This water storage tank is designed for portable water and cannot be used for greywater or septic water. Its wall’s thickness is 0.187 inches, and you also get molded-in channels for saddle straps. The dimensions of this water reservoir are 67 x 67 x 45 inches, and even though it may seem a bit expensive, considering its size and durable design, it’s totally worth the money.

RomoTech Horizontal Polyethylene Reservoir

RomoTech surely knows how to make plastic water tanks that are not only durable but also very convenient, and this RomTech horizontal reservoir is proof of that.

If you are not a fan of the common vertical water reservoirs, then you will really love the design of this next suggestion. As you already understood, it is horizontal and features 3 plastic legs that will keep it in place.

Aside from the fact that the design is very smart, it is also heavy-duty and durable. The walls of this water storage tank are thick and translucent, so you will easily see the fluids inside. It could also be used as part of your rainwater collection system, as it is designed precisely for drinking water and any other non-flammable liquids.

This product has graduation marks that are molded in, and you could choose whether to work with liters or gallons. This liquid storage tank also has molded-in channels. Keep in mind that with such a product, you MUST have a base or pedestal of some sort, which can hold +/- 600LB.

Norwesco 45223 35 Gallon Horizontal Water Tank

If you like the idea of boondoggling in the mountains and you have a trailer, you should know that this last suggestion can easily be set up with a ball valve and a hose adapter. You can mount it to your utility trailer and enjoy a long refreshing shower.

This Norwesco horizontal unit is very well-made and can survive even the highest of temperatures. It is made of polyethylene, which is a tough polymer with impressive moisture and gas barrier properties. It is even used in many water bottles or soft drink bottles because of its ability to contain carbon dioxide.

The dimensions of this product are 29″ L x 20″ W x 23″ H 5,” and it weighs only 13.00 pounds. With this plastic water reservoir, drinking fresh water from a reliable source of water supply will be possible even in the most extreme situations. The unit’s water capacity is 35 gallons.

Wrap Up

Having water supplies in your home is essential, and with the right water tank, storage of water won’t be difficult at all. There are many units on the market, and some of them can offer you a capacity bigger than 300 gallons.

However, there are a lot of considerations you should make while selecting such a unit, like water pressure, fire safety, material durability, etc. Along with water pressure, you need to consider where you will put your tank.

We have given our best to find the greatest tanks available online, and we really hope that the reviews we’ve written have been useful to you. If that is indeed true, make sure you check some of our other articles, in which you may found useful tools for your everyday life.


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